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New sandals and the little voices inside my head


There will be a very important poll in this post.  Please vote if you care at all about shoes. :-D Read on for context and pictures

A couple weeks ago I came across these sandals that I thought were cute but there weren’t any in my size so I was spared the dilemma to buy or not to buy.  A few days ago, I came across them again in my size.  After much indecision in the store, I left them there.  On that same trip to Marshalls (ostensibly for boys jeans) I fell madly in love with a pair of Franco Sarto heels – also not available in my size.

The next day I was working working working but thinking thinking thinking about these shoes.  Mostly the heels that I loved.  The voice of my inner shoe fiend kept whispering to me that I could run up to the other location of the same store over lunch and see if they had my size.    Now, as I’ve mentioned, I have a shoe size that is most common so beautiful shoes in my size quickly disappear.  Or at least that is the reasoning the inner shoe fiend was using.

12:15 – enter store, hard right into the first shoe aisle.  Second stack of shoes is Franco Sarto, third box down is my shoe in my size.  Yes, that is what is commonly known as a shopping miracle.  Or a sign from the universe that it is meant to be.

12:20 – there’s that voice again… while you’re here, might as well see if they have those sandals in your size.  I go up and down every aisle and find that there is exactly ONE pair of this style buried in a stack of a different Nine West style (that is hideous, I might add.  I think someone stashed them there as their own personal layaway mechanism because, I promise you, no one was looking for the shoe displayed above that stack.  U.G.L.Y.

12:40 – I’m on my way home with a new pair of sandals and a new pair of shoes.

Now you’d think none of this would really merit a blog post much less a poll.  However, those sandals have sat in my closet for 24 hours now and there’s another voice inside my head.  It’s wondering aloud if living in S. Florida all these years has possibly affected my judgment.  It’s entirely possible this whole second-guessing is entirely due to a certain acquaintance of mine making some comment about my last pair of bling-enhanced sandals being reminiscent of the stereotypical south florida senior living in Boca that tends toward, shall we say, fashion choices that range from a wee bit over-the-top to wildly inappropriate and even downright fugly.  A little shoe feedback PTSD exacerbated by an aging crisis (mine) already in progress.

So, help me out my peeps.  Here are the sandals in question.  Now vote.  Then scroll down to ooh and ahh over the the FS shoes I am in love with (no indecision there so if you’re of opinion that those ones are ugly keep it to yourself. 😉 ).  Only if, you know, you’re into that sort of thing, of course.  And if you’re wondering about the white spots – see the last poll option.