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Just some stuff I found in putting my office back together


I painted my office. Now, 5.5 years after moving in, I’m down to the master bedroom and the laundry room still in ugly old builder white (something that it gives me immense pleasure to cover with color!)

Anyway, of course, the ugly part of that job is the putting everything back. The reason I procrastinated it for so long is because there is one large wall that is covered 80% by hanging shelves. Onto these shelves have gone a) everything my husband has no need of but can’t bear to part with b) everything I plan to go through / do X with “someday” or when I have time (aka never) as well as anything else that seemed it should be kept but had no other place to go. And, of course, all your usual office stuff.

So, anyway. It’s a lot o’ crap. It had been living on the floor of the master bedroom all week (to the delight of my husband, no doubt. It wasn’t in the way as that room is a fine example of wasted space in a floorplan but unfinished projects (mine, in particular) make him a little twitchy. Yesterday was cleaning lady day so it was relocated into my office (seems like maybe it’d be easier to have just gotten it gone through last week rather than moving it 2 more times first…) Today, it all either going back onto the shelves in an orderly fashion or it is going to find a new home.

I just wanted to record 2 pics here because there’s a 50/50 chance I will lose the items I’ve scanned here. The first one is a pic of a stencil I had painted on the wall in my kitchen in Jamaica. This was one of my projects that I was most proud of. And which I would never, ever attempt again. I had found some way cool pepper fabric that I made the kitchen window treatments out of (and maybe some other stuff – I don’t remember). I took a blank piece of “make your own stencil” plastic stuff, lay it over the fabric and traced about a 24″ strip of the repeating pattern of peppers. Cut it out with an exacto knife and then stenciled it to approximate the colors of the peppers in the fabric. This required buying one bottle of stencil paint in approximately every shade of red, orange, yellow, and green known to man. (This is the sort of thing for which my husband has bestowed nicknames upon me which imply that I, perhaps, get carried away with an idea from time to time).

Anyway. I loved that fabric and that stencil. I just came across the photo of the stencil on the wall.

The other thing was from a day when DS1 was in first grade, I think. That’s my best guess based on how long it’s been in my office and based on the writing. I was sick one day on the weekend. He took it upon himself to go get the stuff he needed to make me this little card. Notice the Now and Later faces. I thought it was very sweet but also very funny, and clever.
DS1 Get well card


The apple and the tree


More stuff from the Sent folder.  This one requires a little background.  My 4 brothers still love to keep a “torment Rose” sort of joke going to this day some 30+ years after it started.  It went something like this (although there could be numerous variations on the theme)… it’s dessert time and my job is to serve, say, cake and ice cream.  So I’d ask who wants ice cream on their cake and my brothers would proceed to make me nuts by saying “I don’t” which wasn’t what I asked.  I was only looking to hear from who did.  So, I soon adopted it to “who wants ice cream on their cake, if you answer me it means you do”.   They’d still do it, I’d still get mad. Rinse lather repeat, ad nauseum till we all (ostensibly – although the fact that they still enjoy doing this to me would seem to provide evidence otherwise) grew up.  So… here’s a note I sent to them.

 OK, the inlaws may have to ask their spouse why this might be perceived as humorous.  (I just found my voice recorder a.k.a. surrogate memory so now I can share this) So, the boys are playing I spy in the van and [DS1] is doing the spying.  [DS2&3] are not guessing it so [DS1] says “do you give up, do you give up?”  [DS2] and [DS3] say “nope”.  [DS1] says “So, don’t say anything.  Only answer if you give up.  So… do you give up”  [DS2] and [DS3] “no”.  


[DS2&3] “No”.   It was very, very hard for me not to LOL.  A lot.

Now that would be a useful search engine


Yesterday, after I picked DS1 up from school he had, as usual, 9000 questions for which I do not have (and probably never have had) an answer stored in my brain. Things that require knowledge of all manner of historical detail…

So, we talk about how the great thing about computers is that whatever questions he has, he can just type it into google and get all kinds of information and answers about anything he wonders about.

About 30 seconds later, I realize I’m heading on a route to DS2/DS3’s school that is not the way I wanted to go (traffic, construction, etc) so I mutter to myself “Why am I going this way?” DS1 pipes up “if you want to know, you can just type it in google”.

 Yeah. If only google worked that way. Maybe I could ask it where my phone charger is, too.