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The boy has a point


DS2 and DS3 have pushed the air hockey and foosball tables together and covered them with all manner of blankets to make a fort.  Where they hope to sleep tonight (on the floor… yes, that should go well) and where they begged me to let them do their homework last night.

Anyhoo… they just got home and it was straight to the fort.  Last night I heard them talking about it as a ninja something… I couldn’t remember.  So I ask DS3, who was standing nearby, “it’s your ninja-what?”.  “Ninja Hideout” he says with a conspiratorial grin.

DS2’s voice comes from ‘the hideout’ “Well, it’s not much of a hideout if you tell everyone.”  Right.  Because without him telling me I never would’ve noticed the blanket covered structure that is about 4 ft x 6 ft in the middle of a 10 x 13 room.


Protected: DS 2/3 birth story


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Sometimes homework is hilarious


The second graders get a weekly homework packet for reading / phonics / spelling.  Sometimes, like this week, it includes a poem that they are supposed to read each night.  The poem will include their spelling and vocabulary words to give them practice.

Well, tonight DS2 was just DYING to read me this week’s poem.  The anticipation was twinkling all over his brown eyes.  When he mentioned it, DS3, who was engaged in math and the complexity of turning equations into 10+ equations at the time, wanted to get in on the act of sharing this poem with me also.

DS2 calls me over with “OK, here’s the part I want to read to you” and proceeds with

They do disgraceful things on rugs,
And track mud on the floor
And flop upon your bed at night
And snore their doggy snore.

That blue part?  Hilarious when you’re a 7 y.o. boy who happens to have a beagle who snores almost as prodigiously as Daddy. He nearly couldn’t make it through that last night and by the end of it was rolling on the couch giggling.  DS3, still with the math at the table also burst out in laughter.

But that’s is not all, oh no, that is not all.  He says “wait, wait.  I want to read you the next one – you’ll like this one”. (I liked the last one too – well, mostly, I get a gigantic kick out of watching them giggle like it’s the funniest thing they ever heard).

So, he proceeds but he’s covering the lines past where he’s reading.  Creating a suspense effect and adding a little conspiratorial tone for effect.

Mother doesn’t want a dog.
She’s making a mistake.
(steals a glance at me with mischief all over his face)
Because, more than a dog, I think
(long pause and then he removes his hand from the last line and reads)
She will not want this snake!

More fits of laughter from both boys and DS2 looks at me as if he just put one over on me – as though he actually had brought home a pet snake.

Second grade homework is not always torturous. I’ll refer back to this on nights when I’m tearing out my hair over math concepts that aren’t sinking in or weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth over writing assignments and the accompanying whine “but I don’t know what to write” etc.

He has a dream, as well


This week in school the boys were learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. (And be warned, that if you refer to him as Martin Luther King in front of DS1, you will get a disdainful “Junior” from him.)

DS3 had homework last night where he had to first write a sentence about what MLK’s dream was and then to write what their dream is and draw a picture of it, tell what people would do of their dream were reality and what he could do to make his dream come true.

I do hope I get this paper back so that it can go into the Mommy Archives.  Apparently, his dream is for chocolate (or choklit) to fall from the sky.  What would people do?  Well, eat it, of course.  And he could pursue his dream by getting a plane and dropping the chocolate.  Presumably, a raid of a Hershey’s factory somewhere along the way would also be required.

I wouldn’t put chocolate falling from the sky on par with say, equal rights and opportunity for all and peace and harmony between all the peoples of the earth.  It does sound sort of awesome, though, if possibly messy.  I mean, it gets hot here…

A future in the Secret Service?


DS3 brought this artwork home the other day.

This is, as reported, him and his brother and their friend defending the President from air attack and “bad guys” (labeled as such, life should be so clearly defined. :-D).

The boy says he’s going to be a fireman when he grows up and on his days off he’s going to be a policeman and a veterinarian.  I’m not sure his schedule has room for secret service duties.

Of course, I blame this on DH.  I am pretty sure this is a story line from a military strategy computer game he plays with them.

Hmmm… I’m just noticing that the President is also packing heat.  I guess they’ll clear that up in training.

I’m pretty sure the smartass gene


is dominant.

As I may have mentioned (12 or 20 times) my kids are rather picky about food.  I’m trying to actively combat that so that we can move beyond having Green Eggs and Ham type discussions 14 times / week (x 3 kids).  Part of my strategy involves variety in hopes of expanding their “Acceptable Foods” menu.

My tough part of this is that my kids possess this amazing gift which allows all of them to take one look at food and know whether or not they will like it.  DS3 demonstrated this tonight.  But, to his credit, rather than engaging in the same tired old “Green Eggs and Ham” conversation he let his inner smartass deal with it.

I set his place down in front of him (roast beef and potatoes w/gravy with a little sweet potato just so I can pretend they eat vegetables).

He takes one look and says “yes, 911? Can I get a pizza?”

I know what m.p. means


That means it’s night.

That is what DS3 just told DS1.  Who, of course, promptly corrected him.

And while I’m thinking of funny things he says, at school they routinely use the alcohol gel hand sanitizers before snack and things.  I don’t know if he got this from his teacher or if he made it up himself from “hand sanitizer” but he calls it “hanitizer”.

Last night he says “you know, one time in preschool I got 101” (as a mark on a test… not sure what that is about because as far as I know they never got marked like that in preschool although they did do developmental type testing.  Anyway, I told him that’s because he’s such a little smartie and he always works hard and does his best.  He replies “so do you think that when I’m big I’ll be smart enough to be the boss?” Me: the boss of what?  He gets a blank look, stares at me for a second and gives me an “I dunno” gesture with the little head shaking thing he does and says ‘you know, the boss of whatever I grow up to be”.

Last I heard he’d been vacillating between fireman and policeman.