100 Things #38 Vendors embracing technology


I have a Groupon for a massage.  I call the salon and am on hold for half of forever so hang up, thinking I’ll call later.  Since I had just been trying to get my son in for some blood work and the company does all appointment setting / changing etc. on their website it gave me the idea to see if the salon had such a thing (even though I figured it was a long shot).

Sure enough, I can select my specific date, preferred time, specific massage service and whether I want male or female.  All they didn’t ask was what I’d like to drink and how do I like my coffee / lemon in my water?

In my perfect world, all appointment making would occur this way.  On a related note, in my perfect world, my kids’ school (and indeed everyone everywhere that is ever going to require me to fill out a form of any kind) would have all that paperwork online in pdf form that can be filled out online before printing out.  With 3 kids, school and aftercare/summer camp alone requires the filling out of approximately 40 forms / year.  Most of which is the same information written out 12 different times.  I could happily live without ever picking up a pen.


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