Random Thoughts inspired by industry news


Most mornings I start out reading headlines and summaries of industry news.  I work in P&C insurance which can be more entertaining than you think.  Maybe it’s just my mood, but this morning’s selection inspired a few thoughts.  Blogging is as excellent a procrastination tool as any, so let me share.

There are no phonics rules to cover this
The surname of the commander of the North Dakota National Guard is Sprynczynatyk.  I bet he was in 4th grade before either he or any of his teachers could spell that w/o having to stop and think about it.  Or look it up. And I’m thinking there’s a better than average chance that, if he’s married, his wife chose to keep her name.

Well that’s good news for everyone
At the end of the 70’s there were only 44 breweries remaining in the US. The 2010 version of Best’s Underwriting Guide has that number at 1,759. Now that, people, is what progress looks like.  Clearly, in some ways at least, the world is a much better place than it used to be. Half full, people, half full (of a finely-crafted microbrew).

It’s because we have the Google now
Three out of four people don’t always follow doctor’s orders and one in three don’t fill prescriptions. They say that like it’s a bad thing.

Exhibit A: When DS2 was 2, I took him to a Dermatologist for a skin condition. We weren’t sure what was causing it but the Dr. prescribed a cortisone / steroid cream and gave a regimen for its use.  Googling of a reputable source of established medical protocol info showed it to be a prescription and regimen that was *far* more aggressive than the starting protocol for adults. He was 2. That was the last time I followed any doctor’s orders w/o checking first.

Exhibit B: When DS3 was 3 I took him to the walk-in clinic because his neck hurt. I was pretty sure he’d just slept on it funny or something and it was just a sore muscle. But since it was his neck and he wasn’t that great a communicator yet, I just wanted confirmation there was nothing more serious going on. He was uncomfortable and didn’t have a full range of movement but not in actual pain. The examination confirmed what I thought (nothing serious). For a parting gift, they gave me a Tylenol 3 w/Codeine Rx for him. “To keep him comfortable”.  Who gives a 3 y.o. Codeine for something that is barely troublesome enough to slow him down?  There’s no reason to fill that.  Well, OK, maybe one.  Like if I wanted to have some around in case *I* needed it – to save me a trip.  But since a purse-size bottle of Advil expires before I take it all I didn’t see the need.

There’s a lawsuit for that
A MI woman is suing a WA man for damages because a romance sparked on Facebook didn’t work out. Hey, why stop there? Why not sue Facebook too? Maybe your internet service provider, as well? Whatever happened to vandalizing his vehicle (yeah, Carrie Underwood, I’m looking at you. You and your Louisville slugger), then getting drunk with your girlfriends so you can bemoan the general lack of quality male members of the species till the wee hours? I wouldn’t have had time to hold down a job for my entire 20’s if I went about suing every dude that turned out to be guilty of “misrepresentation”. Do you have any idea how many “Navy Seals” I met in my dating years?  I’m thinking not too many lawyers are gonna take that one on a contingency basis.


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