Oh, the things I do for my kids


aka “twist my arm”

DS1 has been fixated on baking soda and vinegar volcanoes again lately.  Sadly, for him, the inlaws were here recently and DH used all the vinegar making escovitch fish.  So after much pestering multiple times daily about going to buy vinegar, I finally had errands to run today which took me to where they would have vinegar.

So, they’ve been out there trying it in empty plastic easter eggs and other such things.  Last I heard DS1 was in here looking for rubber gloves to blow up with it.  Just now, though, he comes in and stands by me @ my desk.

DS1 “Mom, have you had any beer yet today?”  So, right away, I know that there is definitely an ulterior motive at work here.  For the record, I almost never have beer during the week.  It should be noted that today was recycling pickup day.

Me: “No. ”

DS1: “Oh.” Big dramatic sigh follows, complete with the full-on dejected body language.

Me: “Why?” Even though I’m pretty sure I know.

DS1: “We need something to make a volcano in.”  Followed by the look of eyes which are wordlessly begging (which is, of course, preferable to the audible kind) “PLEEAAASSE drink a beer”

Me: “OK, DS1 if you want to bring me a beer and a glass, you can have the empty bottle”.

So, I’ll just enjoy this beer while I veg for a bit before getting dinner.  All in the name sacrifice for my kids.


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