100 Things: #37


In the “Sometimes it’s the little things” category… the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser is making me very happy.  Why?  I usually have anywhere from 6 to 20 tabs open most of which are on some page that I want to do something with / about.  Also, most of which, I don’t get done in a given day.  I used to have an add-on that put a “Save Session” item on one of the menus.  There were a number of problems with this involving BETCHAK errors mostly (that’s “between the chair and keyboard” – i.e. the user or, in this case, me – for you non-acronym peeps).  I can’t tell you how many hundreds of tabs I’ve meant to keep which were lost by way of these errors.

The new version has a default setting for opening the browser with whatever it had when it was last closed.  I don’t have to remember to click anything and my tabs won’t be lost in system crashes etc.

I will probably still not get around to doing whatever I want to do with a lot of the pages on these tabs.  But at least it will be because, at some point, I decided it’s not worth it / important / relevant or whatever rather than because I forgot to click something / clicked something by accident / my system threw a hissy.

It’s possible I should be concerned that this makes the list.  I’m going with the justification that many of those tabs are work-related stuff I want to do something with.  Yeah, that’s it.


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