100 Things: 33, 34, 35 & 36


33 – Inspired by my new bag of Don Pablo coffee. The smell when you open a brand new bag of really good coffee beans.  The way the smell stays in the kitchen after you grind them.  Pretty sure the actual drinking of coffee (particularly with my hazelnut flavored creamer.  The new kind, with the real cream) has already made this list.  Probably top 5 but I’m too lazy to go look.

34 – Coffee as a sample.  That new bag of coffee?  I bought it because it was one of the samples  @ Costco a couple times and I thought it was really good.  I’d been waiting to buy it till we used up the other 2 (costco-sized) bags we already had.  So the anticipation had been building for some time. But this item is about samples. While they make my boys happy, they generally kind of make me twitch when I’m trying to shop with them (usually in a hurry) and they have to hit all the samples. Then there’s the sales pitch, the arguing over whether it’s good or not.  One refusing to try it the other begging me to buy it (again, Costco-sized.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve done this only to have them decide they now hate it and it’s not fit for human consumption.  Nothing like having a 64 oz of mango jelly in the fridge that no one wants.)

But coffee as a sample?  Yes, please.  But only if they’ve got some 1/2 + 1/2 or real cream(er).  None of that powdered crap.  Kind of counter-productive to the goal of selling more coffee, dontcha think?

35 – A clean kitchen.  (Inspired by the contrast in the state of my kitchen when I arrived there this morning vs. its current state. ) Even though I probably not actually the *furthest* thing from a neat freak, I am far enough down that spectrum that you can’t see it from here.  Nor can you really get there from here, I don’t think.  But one’s outlook on the day and life, even, can certainly be dramatically changed depending on whether the counters are wiped down, dishes washed, put away, etc.  Not to mention the clearing of the high counter where all the paraphernalia and debris that makes up a life (or 5) seems to gather. Not that I’m too keen on doing it (which is why I chose to blow it off last night and lay in bed having a long conversation with a friend, instead) but in the absence of that wand that went missing…

36 – Clean floors.  Sadly, this item was not inspired by observing freshly-cleaned floors in my house this morning.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  And it is only *newly*-cleaned that count here since, with the 2 small, 1 medium and 1 large two-legged boys and 1 medium-sized 4-legged boy clean floors only last about 25 minutes anyway.  Or 6 hours if they are in school / at work / napping in the doggy bed.

In any case, if the floors are clean, the house feels clean (even though that may not necessarily be is almost certainly not the case).  Note to self: get those boys trained in proper vacuuming technique and implement a schedule where they regularly do it.


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  1. about #36 (which is missing in your title by the way:) )- One of the people i work with in the office who is at the top of the neat freak spectrum has a robot vacuum – one of those round things. She swears by it – turns it on and leaves the house. I haven’t tried it – usually too much stuff on the floor – i am probably several rungs below you on that spectrum – but wondered if you had considered it.


    • I do have one of those. They are great-ish. Except that, if you’re not a neat freak, the floor is gonna require enough picking up before you can let that thing run, that’s it’s not really all that quick and easy. I did use it regularly for awhile but it has battery issues now. I got a new battery ($35!) and it still doesn’t hold a charge enough to get any meaningful amount of vacuuming done. The other issue with it is, you have to dump the dirt and filter etc. get all the hair off the brushes (if you are me, anyway)… after all that and the pickup, it’s not a lot quicker than just vacuuming.

      • I should have known you would have one. Good to hear your perspective on it. I wasn’t even inclined to get one, like you said, it requires a lot of picking up before you use it. The person in my office doesn’t have kids and like I said is at the top of the neat freak spectrum.

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