100 Things: #31 & 32


31 – green lights in my Gmail

32 – Lost friends found and the friendship renewed

This is kind of a two-fer.  I use Gmail on my phone and have it open in my browser all day as I work.  In the contacts list, for anyone who is also on Gmail, there is a little Google Talk icon that is either gray (offline) orange (idle) or green (online).  Now I don’t actually use the talk that much but seeing those green lights and knowing that I can talk to my friends (these are all people I ❤ but who are all over the continent / world so I don’t get to see them at all or much, otherwise) makes me happy.  Every single time.  Just knowing that I can talk to them – seeing that green light feels like a virtual equivalent of running into them @ the supermarket or mall or library or something.  So the green light of any of my good friends makes me happy but thanks to the web and Facebook I have gotten back in touch with a number of people who were very dear to me years ago. These are people I had completely lost track of and would definitely never have found again if not for Al Gore (<- it’s a joke, people).  There are 2 such people who have green lights in my list, as above.

Again, we don’t *actually use it* to chat much, but there a whole ‘nother layer of happy in just seeing the green light next to those names because it’s a reminder of friends found and the opportunity to write the sequel to a friendship from a different era of our lives.


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