100 things: #30


Eavesdropping on my kids’ conversations while driving. It is endlessly entertaining to listen in on the conversations these boys come up with while we’re driving here and there (which seems to be the what we’re doing quite a bit of the time).

This mornings conversation was prompted by DS1 reading some trivia facts from I’m not sure where. The fact that started the discussion was the exact number of Hersheys bar squares it would take to stretch from the earth to the moon. After the sharing of this tidbit of vital information, DS2 proceeds to explain how he was going to go about eating that long string of chocolate. This led to a 3-way discussion of all the logistical problems with the plan and various solutions and brainstorming for solving them.

Shame the ride to school is only 20 minutes because I’m pretty sure that discussion could’ve carried on for quite some time yet. Perhaps it will be revisited.


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