The unsustainability of MST


I have a tool in my parenting survival toolkit that I call MST.  MST = Mommy Standard Time and, basically, involves me moving the clocks in the kitchen (the only ones my boys look at) ahead by whatever amount of time I deem necessary (but still within the margin where it’s plausible) in order to unilaterally enact an earlier bedtime.  MST is used sometimes because they need it and sometimes because I need it.

Now all the time I’ve used it I’ve known that it’s days were numbered if for no other reason than that eventually someone will wear a watch.  They have already been through watch-wearing phases.  Fortunately, they were always kid watches that never stayed accurate either and we could hardly figure out how to set them.

Now there are 2 looming threats to the ongoing use of MST.  Its imminent demise is a bit sad for me.  First, we have DST.  When it doesn’t get dark till nearly 8, making 7:15 be 8:00 is a bit tricky.  Fortunately, the whole daylight thing has, so far, evened out by the time it’s actually time to go to bed (on MST).  (8 is bathtime)  Of course, we still have 2 months of day lengthening to go yet so…

Second, and more troublesome, is DS3’s newfound obsession with the Miami Heat.  Has memorized the schedule and knows what times games start.  And he is enough of a planner to actually get himself showered and ready for bed on game nights before 7:30 so that he can watch the game until bedtime (when he would otherwise be showering etc.)  It’s great that he takes this initiative himself.  But, it’s a problem when the 7:30 game isn’t on @ 7:30 (on the kitchen clock) because the whole rest of the world – which is not on MST – is @ 6:45.

I would appreciate it if the Heat would adjust their schedule in the future to make games fall on our soccer nights when MST is not an option anyway.  I don’t suppose they are likely to do that for me, though.  Luckily tonight, when I became aware of the Heat game after MST was already in effect, there was a fascinating Pokemon battle raging with DS1 so DS3 was distracted enough to forget to get his showering etc. done ahead of time.  He still got to watch some but not till the game actually started.  And he failed to notice that even though, at our house, it was 8:15, the game had just started.

But it’s only a matter of time before the gig is up.


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