He speaks Beagle-ese and understands English


Rex the beagle (who I may also refer to as TDD or TFD from time to time) usually stays in his bed while I’m home during the day working.  But now and then (and always when there is a thunderstorm approaching) he decides to come into my office and resume his strenuous napping under my desk or in the nook created by the wall, my file cabinet and the daybed that is  in my office.  (And no, I can’t recommend having a very comfortable bed in one’s office but… there wasn’t really anywhere else for it.  And given my husband’s spectacular capacity for snoring, my wedded bliss (/husband’s welfare) depended on keeping it.  But I digress…

So, he wandered in here a bit ago and plopped himself down and quietly took up his napping again.  Then he starts with the licking.  And goes on with it.  I’m trying to compose something that requires a bit of concentration and his licking has surpassed the kids-chewing-with-their-mouths-open level of crazy-annoying.  And that falls pretty high up there on my personal make-me-crazy scale.

I finally snapped and say “OMG, will you stop with that or leave.  You’re making me crazy.”  He looks up at me, looks at his leg where he was so strenuously self-grooming (or whatever he was hoping to accomplish with that) looks back and me and gets up and slowly walks out of my office.

Funny.  When I tell my kids that they don’t even hear me.  And English is their first language.


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