The difference between men and women


I have a small obsession with shoes.  Most of my friends, thanks to Facebook, are aware of this.  So when they see catchy / clever things shoe-related they tend to share with me one way or another.

A girlfriend of mine recently saw some beverage napkins she while out shopping which said “Life is Short.  Buy the Shoes.”  She said she thought of me and so snapped a pic and posted it to my FB wall.  (Aside: have I mentioned that I’ll stick with living in the age of technology over “the good old days” TYVM)

I like this gem of wisdom so much I made set the picture as the wallpaper on my phone.

Today I was explaining this to DH.

Me: Pier 1 has these beverage napkins which say “Life is short Buy the Shoes.”

Him: (with face scrunched up in the most confused look ever) “Buy the Shoes? Huh.  What shoes?”

Me: “It’s just a general statement.  Any shoes, cute shoes.  You know, like ‘life is too short to skip dessert’. It’s not about a particular pair of shoes.”

Him: has look on face that says, ‘OK, but it still doesn’t make any sense/why are you telling me this?’

Me: (thinking it’s a lot less gratifying to share clever / funny things if you have to explain them and even that is met with a blank look.) “You know, I wouldn’t have to explain this to any woman I know.  They would understand that it’s a philosophical statement.”

Apparently, according to him, the only time men think about buying shoes is when they are actually in a store trying to buy some because they’ve noticed they need some.  Talk about not knowing how to live life to the fullest!


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