When the queen of justification has a child


that child will say things like this:

I’m full but not for candy.  Because that’s a different system.

QoJ (that would be me): Uh, no.  It doesn’t work like that.  You only have one tummy.  Either it’s full, or it isn’t.

DS2: (this next bit is said with quite the exaggerated facial expressions.  Intended to add a convincing touch to the dialogue, no doubt.  Mostly, they just made it funnier) Yes, it does.  See, there’s different systems.  There’s a water system, and a food system and then there’s a candy system.

Of course, this is also the child that will always make sure to differentiate between being worn out tired and sleepy tired.  They are definitely not the same thing, in his book.  And for the record, he’s never “sleepy tired”.  Only “worn-out tired”.


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