When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple


Yes, but I am not so much thinking of the red hat with the purple ribbon.  Or is it a purple hat with a red ribbon.  Either way, that’s not really what I have in mind.  I’m thinking once the last crazy-making boy is down the drive and out the gate I’m right behind him.  And while  I might not be officially old by that time I will certainly be old-adjacent.  So, close enough for the purple thing.

Yup, I’ll be right behind him.  Off to get myself a purple Harley.  And some red leathers, head to toe.  Then I’m going to set out to see whatever stretches of highway in this country and the one to the north I meant to get to but never quite did.  My fondest hope is that this makes my now-grown boys completely nuts.  I hope they feel compelled to repeat things to me 100’s of times trying to get me to modify my behavior. Which I, of course, won’t do.

Then we’ll be even.  🙂


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