100 Things #28


Having a technically inclined husband.  The specific inspiration for this post is the utilization of a thing he set up on the Tivo where it is networked with the computers.  Why does this make me happy?  Well, I get emails from, for example, National Geographic channel.  It’s about a new show that sounds hella cool.  Back in the dark ages (i.e. a few years ago when there was no networked tivo in this house.  There was a Tivo, just not networked.) I would’ve had to either remember to go set it to record later (which would never have happened) OR get up from whatever I was doing at my desk and go set it right then and there.  Which would result in my getting totally derailed from whatever I was doing previously.  Now, I just start putting the IP address of the Tivo (which I don’t actually know, I just start typing 19 and it pops down in the list) and boom! I’ve got the Tivo search interface, find the show, set it to record and done.

That makes me happy.  Not that I ever actually watch any of the stuff since I don’t really watch TV.  But I could.  And should I ever want to watch tv, I certainly won’t have to worry about whether there’s anything good on.  There’s about 92 hours worth of stuff I set to watch because of an email or something one of the friends who live in my computer said. And I never even left my chair to get it there.

Of course, his ability to fix the A/C, dishwasher, non-working hard-drives etc. is also all good.  But I get a bigger kick out of the Tivo thing.


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  1. Hey I can really relate to the fixing things around the house – dishwasher, installing windows, etc, but I wish you could email or teleport your Phil to help my Phil finally get our computer back to normal function! It has been 3 months without my email addresses, documents, etc ( and several hundred $$ for gadgets that are supposed to save, back up, etc) and still nothing!

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