100 things #25-27


25. Night blooming jasmine

We have one right outside the large bedroom window.  When it blooms (at night, obviously) during the season when I can open windows, it fills my entire house with the most intoxicating scent.  It is impossible to be miserable in a house filled with the scent of jasmine.  Even more fortuitously, just now it is getting ready to bloom (I caught a hint of the scent the other night) and it *just* cooled off enough to open windows at night.  It feels like such a waste when it blooms when it is just too hot to open windows.  I don’t think that happens often, though.  Or maybe it does and I just don’t notice because my windows are closed so I can’t smell it and it only blooms at night so I wouldn’t see it.

26.  The brown van coming to a stop in front of my gate and then backing in.  He’s almost always bringing something for me.

27. Looking at my schedule and seeing the neither of the 2 weekly Saturday soccer games start before 11.  There is just something so very wrong with having to get out of the house on a Saturday at a time earlier than school days.  8 a.m. games most definitely do not make this list.


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