100 Things – #23 & #24


#23 – DH cooking. Which he almost always does on the weekends. He’s a pretty good cook, too. Even if he weren’t, though, as long as it was deemed edible by the offspring and I didn’t have to do the cooking, it would make me happy.

This post was inspired by tonight’s spaghetti bolognese.

#24 – The arrival of The Official Best Day of the Year. This is a floating date and you never know when it’s gonna be till it gets here. The OBDotY is the first day that you can open the windows. Turn off the A/C and let the breeze in (without being uncomfortably warm, I mean. It doesn’t count if you open the window unless it is pleasant to do so. I notice that this date tends to fall very near what used to be my Official Worst Day of the Year when I lived in Canada. That would be the first day in the fall when you have to scrape your car windshield before driving to work.

I should note that while this falls as #24 on this list (because it is in no particular other than when I think of it), this item is, in fact, well up in the top 10 when ranked by exactly *how happy* they make me.


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