100 Things #20-22


#20 Finding new music that I truly love from the first listen.  This usually happens through friends posting links etc on places like FB or my message boards.  Example A from this week Santana with India Arie and Yo-Yo Ma doing While My Guitar Gently Weeps


I love this woman’s voice and style (same friend had linked some of her music last week) and that, in combination with Santana’s guitar puts this one out of the ballpark for me even though no previous versions I’ve heard of this song really did all that for me.

#21 Finding my kids spontaneously reading.  But then I’m a big fan of my kids growing up.  I do not bemoan the disappearance of my babies.  DS1 has been an avid reader for quite some time – since he devoured the Magic Tree House series in first grade.  I probably owe that author a thank you card for ending my ‘getting the boy to read’ battles.  But recently DS2 and 3 have just reached the point where they can read at such a level that stuff that is interesting to them is now also within their reading ability.  I had subscribed to Nat Geo Kids awhile back.  At least 3 issues have come in and remained untouched by minor children hands.  Suddenly this week DS3 discovered the latest issue and, on his own between homework and soccer, read it cover to cover (and relayed all the facts learned within to me at least once.  “Mom, did you know… mom, did you know… mom, did you know… etc).  This delights me to no end.  In truth, because if they are engrossed in reading they are not running and shrieking through the house or otherwise threatening to tear the place apart and, in the process, shredding my last nerve.

22. My n.a.p. blankets from Brookstone.  And the pillow.  The socks are wonderful as well when the cold fronts roll in.  These are the softest, coziest things EVAH.  Guys, take a page from DH’s book – excellent gifts.  DH knows he’s all good for at least 2 more gifts since I do not yet have the robe or the slippers.  This product line almost makes me want to live where there is winter just so I’d get more use from them.  Almost.  Not quite.


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