I really need to know how that works, exactly


I’m getting ready to clean the rooms that didn’t get done yesterday.  The first step in this is getting the boys to make their rooms (tv/play room and bedroom) vacuum ready. Usually I assign them all to separate areas because, experience shows, having them “working together” on one room is an approach that will leave me twitching and thinking about running away from home.

However, today the mess is really all in one room.  And a friend is on the way so we need this job done as fast as possible.  I put them all to work together and prepare for the onslaught of “he’s not doing his share” “he’s telling me what to do” etc etc.  Think of about 14 variations on that and you’d be about par for the course.

Several minutes later, DS1 comes out to me and DH in the mancave where DH is watching football and I’m annoying him by talking about stuff not related to football.  He says “Mom, I {DS2} and {DS3} in hyper speed mode and the room is almost all cleaned up.

Sure enough, I go in there and it’s like the Cat in The Hat was there.  Being the mother of the boy, it’s a bit concerning how adept he is at manipulating his brothers but I guess in certain circles this is known as being a good motivator.  I just have a couple of questions about this “hyper speed mode”.  Does it require batteries?  How, exactly, does one turn this on? Is there a switch? Magic words? Will it work for homework? Getting ready on school mornings?

And, most importantly, why did no one tell me sooner that my children were equipped with this feature???  Is DS1 also equipped with it? DH?  And if not, is there any kind of aftermarket installation available?


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