My future engineer’s solution


DS1 has an idea for eliminating injury and death from auto accidents.  Brilliant, eh?  Here’s how it’s gonna work as explained by him.

“The auto makers should install a device in cars where as soon as there was a sudden jolt in the motion of the car it would instantly create a force field around the passengers.  This would scramble their atoms so that any hard objects would just pass through them without causing any damage.  Of course, the cars would still be wrecked but at least the people wouldn’t be hurt.”

Yup, he’s quite the visionary.  I told him that was a great idea and that he can work on that when he’s a grownup if they haven’t already figured it out by then. Also that the path from here to there involved studying hard and doing his homework.  The look he gave me seemed to indicate that he thought I was reducing his grand vision to the mundane.  I’m pretty sure I’m not wrong, though.

ETA: I think I’ll ask him whether he thinks it’ll be hard to get the first volunteer to test out whether the atoms unscramble properly after it’s all over with.  I should probably have video recording capabilities handy to capture the reaction.


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