100 Things that make me happy


Making such a list is  one of the top 101 things on the Day Zero project site. I thought it was a great idea so I’d put it on my list for my next 101 but decided to just make it a post. I’ll be adding them as I think of them. Or maybe one-liner posts since going back to find the original post to edit is a big PITA to someone as lazy as myself.

The decision to do it now was inspired by the sight of a single gardenia bloom on the bush that is right outside my office.  That location being intentional since gardenias are way up there on the list of things that make me happy.  This particular one makes me especially happy because it’s kind of aberrant. The gardenia bloomed heavily this year but it’s been done for months already. And it was a rather short blooming period, comparatively. Maybe for the same reason it was particularly heavy.  That’s  just a guess, of course, since I’m not exactly in tune with the plant world (what with my black thumbs and all).

So… my list begins
1. Gardenias – in particular their scent. Only actual gardenia blossoms, though. I have never smelled anything ‘gardenia scented’ that came close. Almost universally, gardenia scented = nasty to my sensibilities.

Others just off the top of my head
2. sitting in my chair and watching my kids play at the beach

3. Driving the wide open road, music playing loudly on a good stereo (one of which my DH gave me for Xmas one year and installed in my van allowing me to play my ipod in my older model van.  Yes, the man does know a few things about what is on this list.)

4. Hazelnut coffee creamer in fresh (good, obviously) coffee

5. My latest coffee mug from Starbucks

6. Looking down and seeing perfectly painted toenails in a bright (but *non-pink or pink-ish*) color. I’m talking about mine, here. Other peoples are fine but I wouldn’t go so far as to say seeing them makes me happy. :D.  And if the view of my toes looks like this, even better.  See #2.

7. Roller-blading

8. Hiking

9. trip-planning – at least as much fun as the actual going.

10. Spreadsheeting my life – what can I say.  My inner geek loves a spreadsheet and my inner control freak likes to have things distilled into neat little columns and rows of black and white.  Well, actually, I like to add color to my spreadsheets.  The ability to do so also makes me happy.

11. Dove Dark Chocolate promises – the chocolate, always.  The inspirational and/or clever saying inside the wrapper, frequently.

12. A new pair of shoes – some more than others.  I’m still enjoying the afterglow of this purchase many months later.

They might be my favorite shoes ever.  I’m almost tempted to buy a second pair just in case because sooner or later, these will get wrecked.  And twice this week I saw these in the stores again.

… to be continued


4 responses »

  1. What a great idea. Maybe I will start blogging with this list.
    And – buy that second pair of those shoes. I think they are absolutely classy.

  2. I totally should right? Even though I don’t really have anywhere to regularly wear nice shoes (I keep saying I need to get a job in an office so I have some reason to own all these shoes. They would expect me to work regular hours every day, though, I suspect). Sadly, I was in Marshalls tonight and they no longer have my size.

    • I’m sorry to hear you say that they are out of your size cause I totally work in an office and they would be perfect for me too. I love those shoes!!btw – this list is a great idea; maybe I could do this list instead of the 101 in 1001 – it’s more than I can wrap my head around at this point in my life.

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