Open letter to motorists-friends, enemies and random strangers


Regardless of your intent in doing so, I must implore you to refrain from honking at me when you pass me as I am rollerblading.  In fact, I’d appreciate it if you’d save your honking at anyone / anything for some time other than when you are passing by me.

See, for starters, I’m just naturally rather jumpy.  Add to that the fact that when I’m rollerblading, I’m pretty much going for exhaustion.  The faster those little wheels turn, the more critical maintaining one’s balance is – assuming a person wants to remain free of injury to body and/or pride, anyway.  And I do.   The inevitable imperfections in the sidewalk surface and the litter that oh-so-rude motorists see fit to throw out of their vehicles provide more than enough challenge for me in that regard.  Also, I’ve got music in my ears which covers most of the traffic noise.  I’m kind of in my own little world.  When that little world in my head is obliterated by abrupt honking that seems to be right up on my ass it *is* going to make me jump which may just make me lose my balance and flail for a few moments in a most undignified manner.  That’s a best case scenario.  Worst case involves, say, hitting a broken bit of sidewalk at just that moment… in that case there will be blood.

So, please.  Just don’t.  My pride, dignity and (as yet) unbroken bones and cement-burn-free legs, arms and butt thank you in advance.  And I’m betting I speak for roller-bladers, joggers, runners etc everywhere when I say this.


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