Why “gihrose”


People ask me this… it’s a name my husband gave me quite some time ago. Like pretty much as soon as he got to know me very well. ‘gih’ = Give it Hell. I am just finishing up with something that is a perfect example of the specific behavior pattern of mine that spawned this term of endearment (or something maybe adjacent to endearment).

So, we’re going to be spending some time driving. A lot of time through a lot of states. When I was a kid we drove to MT a lot and would go through Glacier Park. We had great fun keeping track of all the license plates we saw and would tick them off a list or make a list of all the states and provinces as we saw them.

So, I get a great idea – I’ll make color printouts for each of the boys of all the state plates and they can mark them off as we see them. Hopefully, they’ll have fun with this and inadvertently maybe even learn a couple things. Good idea right? So, at this point, before jumping into this project with 2 feet, a normal person might plan a little, or investigate a little as to the feasibility of this. Not me. I just jump in.

Right around Idaho I realized that what I was doing was slightly insane. From a time standpoint as well as from the standpoint of the number of pages this was going to be. Of course, by then I’m far too invested to abandon it. Of course, I’ve also got the boys all gungho to do this so… You’d think I might have learned by now not to get them excited about stuff before I have actually determined the feasibility of it. You would frequently be wrong.

I started this with 5 days to complete it. Days in which I still had to do all my trip prep and packing of everything but clothes – that was done, thankfully. Oh, and there’s also that little thing about needing to put in a full-time work week since I’ll be off for a week and have a lot of stuff going on.

A few corners were cut but I’ve got 27 pages worth of license plate pictures. I am forcibly resisting the urge to “just do Canada while I’m at it” since there is literally NO TIME left for this project. That’s another aspect of this pesky behavior – just don’t know when to quit.

My FileTree program tells me that the folder where the license plate pics were stored before being compiled into my word doc has 2709 files. And we didn’t even do them all (that would be the corner cutting part). Each state was googled, each pic was saved, inserted and sized. (I did resort to enlisting DS1 for the harvesting of pics somewhere along about mid-week when Missouri DMV site was making me want to cry). I think I should really seek some sort of behavior modification therapy. I might still do this stuff but it’d be great if I’d learn to think it through just a tiny bit before engaging – at least have SOME idea of what, exactly, I’m getting myself into.

All I can say is they better spend at least as much time tracking the license plates as I spent putting that thing together! I can see it now – 45 minutes up the road “I’m bored of this” it goes into the seat pocket and 4 months from now I’ll find the pages folded into paper planes and laying around the house. I’ll try to keep my head from exploding at that point.


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