Old dogs, new tricks… nope.


So DH works in technology and is a great fan of gadgetry in general. However, he has a deep and abiding hatred for what technology has done to interpersonal communication. (He also truly doesn’t get how I can have really good friends that I have never met but that is another thing, entirely). Specifically, I think most of his disdain for it stems from the expectation people develop that he should necessarily respond if they contact him through some electronic means (i.e. texting, instant messaging etc). Of course, he was bitching when I met him (about a hundred years ago in technology years) about people thinking that just because they paged him on his beeper (remember, that little thing with an LED screen only big enough to hold a 10 digit #. I remember my first one – it was purple) that it somehow made him obligated to call them back regardless of the time / his inclination to do so. So, his resistance to today’s technology which, while significantly evolved from the digital beeper it presents pretty much the exact same issue, is utterly unsurprising.

Apart from the assumed obligation on his part to respond (which he does not accept, in case that is not clear) he is equally disdainful of any means of electronic communication which occurs between two people in the same building (i.e. when non-electronic communication would be only the tiniest bit more effort). Not sharing that disdain, myself, this is the part that provides me with plenty of opportunities to entertain myself. Which I try to resist since it’s sort of like tormenting him ;-). Self-restraint has never really been my strength, though.

We got new phones recently. His took forever to get here… once my blood pressure returns to normal, perhaps I’ll post about the cell-phone order with Amazon saga. Probably not, though. Let’s just say that next time I will remember my friend (who lives in my computer and whom I’ve never met, ftr) Robin’s line and use it first “trust me, dealing with me is above your paygrade”. But it did finally get here and he’s still figuring stuff out on it. So I’m sitting in my office and he’s across the hall at his desk. My phone rings and it’s him. “I was just testing something” “OK, bye”.

Five minutes later I call him back. “Hello.” Apparently he either doesn’t have my cell in his contacts yet or didn’t read the big letters on the screen saying it was me. “Hi, it’s me”. “Oh please. Good-bye”

Perhaps I need new hobbies. Because this amuses the heck out of me.


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