Another “what are the odds…” incident


Bizarre coincidences that you think just can’t possibly be coincidence…. there are a few I’ve noticed in my life. There are probably many more that occurred unnoticed. I’ll blog about the ones I noticed one day… (maybe. There are many blog posts waiting to be written bumping around in my head… most will probably stay there.)

But here’s one that just happened. I just fired off an email to a client. I get an out of office autoreply listing 2 alternate people to contact at his company. These two have names that are not especially common – either first or last – although not bizarrely unusual or anything.

I use LinkedIn a lot in my work. Because I am naturally nosey and because googling names that are new to me is just part of what I do, I go and plug these two names, heretofore unknown to me, into LI. As with most names, there are several that come up – none of which were the ones @ this company. I just happen to notice, however, that there is a company I never heard of with ~2500 employees with contacts listed with each of the two different names. Because of the industry, I am fairly certain neither of them are the same person. One is in the same city (Boston) and one is in San Diego.

This is the sort of thing that makes me think we routinely read too much into “coincidences”. I think stuff like this is happening all the time – it just usually escapes our notice. I could go on and on about this but… back to work googling more peeps. [completely unrelated thought – I just don’t see ‘bing’ working it’s way into the common vernacular as a verb in the way that google has. For one thing, “binging” just doesn’t work for me.]


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