What would travel be


without near disasters?

The pertinent fact here is that I have an amazing capacity for distractedness.  It’s a talent I have spent my life perfecting.  When I told these incidents to DH, his response “that has a ring of truth to it”.

I spent the last 6 days away – first at a conference in Vegas then hiking in Zion.  Upon returning from Zion my backpacking buddy, Sara and I, were completely wrecked for a number of reasons I won’t go into here.  Suffice to say, the hotel bed and bath were most welcome sights.  She got on a plane and I crashed.  I had to be checked out the next day @ 1 so I worked and repacked and got out @ 1.  Still tired and distracted from some work things I head out to the parking garage with my stuff.  I get the laptop bag in the truck and have the suitcase standing there when I decide I need to get something set up in front (GPS? phone charging?  I can’t remember.  something compelled me to stop loading the trunk and go do something else.  Being distractable, this led to something else etc.  I finish what I am doing and … yup, drive away. Forwards, since there was no one in the stall opposite me.  I was just pulling out of the rather huge parking garage when I glanced at the dashboard and notice the door ajar indicator is on.  I reclose my door and it’s still on.  Then the lightbulb goes – the trunk.  THE TRUNK… still open because it was waiting for my suitcase.  Fortunately, Monday @ 1 pm is a quiet time and it was still there, untouched, when I raced back up there.

Near disaster #2… the flight back was overbooked and I was seated in the center section where the overhead bins are not large.  My laptop bag won’t go up there so I have to put my very large and completely overstuffed (because of the 2 lbs of See’s Candies toffee-ettes I *needed* to bring home) purse with only a single snap closure on top up there.  I very carefully position it upright so nothing dumps out. In vain, I find, 5 minutes later when the flight attendent moves it to the other end of the bin to make room for another, larger bag.

I get up to deplane 4 hours later in ATL and see that she not only moved it but laid it on its side.  🙂  This was a red-eye and I was bleary-eyed and still wrecked (not to mention barely able to walk) but, fortunately, had the presence of mind to consider that something may have fallen out.  I ask a rather tall fellow passenger to check the bin.  He looks and says “nope, nothing”.  Looks again “oh, wait… just this” and hands me my BOARDING PASS for the connecting flight I have to make 40 minutes later.

Somehow, the fact that I lost my new sunglasses somewhere (I never buy expensive ones since this is a common occurrence in my life) seems like a mishap I can live with.


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