End of school movie – Marmaduke


Every year when the boys are done with school I take them to see a movie @ the theatre.  We mostly watch movies at home so this is a little treat for them.  This year it was a choice between Marmaduke and Shrek.  Personally, I have seen all the Shrek I care to (although I do like the donkey… I was just not feeling any Shrek love when perusing the choices of appropriate movies) and dog movies are always a hit with the boys.  DS2 can recite most of the Buddies movies (Air, Space… whatever else) as well as Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  (Aside, I’m impressed with myself for spelling that right on the first go.  At least I assume I did since my editor is not underlining it in red).

So Marmaduke it was.  Now there are plenty of kid’s movies I like and some that I love.  I loved Up and Cars, for example.  This, however, was not one.  However, it was well worth it to watch them giggling over the dog silliness of which there is plenty.

Mostly, though, this movie left me with one question – as someone who places people in new jobs for a living and this occasionally involves relocating them.  On what planet do people relocate for a job from Kansas to the OC and this allows them to buy a BIGGER house (with an ocean view, no less)?   According to CNN Money, you’d need a 62% increase in pay just to afford the *same* standard of living.  And I’m gonna go ahead and assume that number is not taking an ocean view into consideration.

Yes, I know.  It’s a movie – it’s not supposed to be accurate and factual.  My DH tells me this all the time.  Could we get “plausible”?  Too much?


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