101 things – 2nd quarterly (or thereabouts) update


Original list here

Items Done: 22/101

Items Started but not completed: 17

My inner geek has calculated the following: 17% of the 1001 days has elapsed.  To be on track for completion, I should have completed 17% or 17 of the tasks.  So I’m 30% ahead.  Of course, I used to be 40% ahead.  But I did all the quick / easy stuff first.  Most things left (and not started) are much more time consuming (or expensive / involving travel) or I just dread doing them (hello laundry room.  You need paint but you have so many, many shelves attached to the walls in a small space.) .

My 101

Just For Me (10)
1. Re-pierce my ears 10/11 and buy some earrings I really ❤ 11/6/09
2. Get that next tattoo

Design for this in previous quarterly update.  Trying for Sedona in September.  Would like to get it done then / there.

3. Put readings, powerpoint etc. from Dad’s memorial on blog 02/21/10
4. Totally blow off work one day and go to the beach. Alone. Feel no guilt

Well, we got our beach weather now.  I’m getting very close to this.  Probably going to close one more deal first to help with the “feel no guilt” part.  The birthday thing (previous quarterly update) didn’t work out … I forget why. Oh right.  I was sick on my birthday.  Spent the day in bed watching Netflix on demand.  I had the “feel no guilt” part right, though.

5. Do a past life regression

Sedona, September.  If I can swing the trip then.

6. Get makeup professionally done 10/31/09
7. Go Bejeweled Blitz-free for 30 days 11/06/09

I think maybe it’d be good for me to do this one again.  That game is very crack-like.

8. Go unplugged 1 day / month (6/34)
9. Get that hot stone massage 3 times (0/3)
10. Sign up for and take a class offered at SRHS

Home Dec (12)
11. Paint laundry room
12. Window treatment in front room
13. Shower curtain in boys bath
14. Window treatments in my bath
15. Get boys @ beach painting done
16. Finish painting boys room
17. Get curtains and make valances for bedroom
18. Repaint the blue in bedroom 4/04/2010
19. Get new coffee tables in FR
20. Get new bedroom furniture
21. Paint master hall closet doors 3/28/2010
22. Stencil border in master bedroom

I started this.  It’s a 3 layer stencil in an 18″ pattern. It took me ~45 minutes to do 4 lengths of one layer.  There is probably ~ 60 ft of wall in that bedroom.  It’s a bit of a shame that I don’t tend to consider the practicality of implementation when I get set on an idea.  This *will* take forever.  But it’ll look awesome if it ever gets done.  There will be pics here one of these days.  Once I get any part of it done with all 3 layers.

Hobbies / Leisure (16)
23. Make the boys pillows 01/03/10
24. Write a new poem 02/09/2010
25. Redo music swap CD and mail out 01/23/10
26. Rip the rest of my CD’s
27. Do Postcard Crossing with the boys, 45 postcards (0/45)
28. Create custom google travel map

This is something that will continually be updated.  I’m putting on routes, attractions, museums etc. that I / we’ve been to and/or want to go to.  There are different colors for things I’ve been to (w/o the boys), been to with the boys and want to go to.  It’s a bit time consuming as first I had to google for code that more or less accomplished what I wanted and then tweak it to do exactly what I wanted.  Made more time consuming given that I don’t know the first thing about programming in java (well, I do know a couple things now from doings this).  Once I get the routes / places we’ve been all added along with what is already on my mental travel bucket list, I will mark this done even though my mental travel bucket list is forever getting longer.

29. Crochet or knit an afghan

I did pick out the pattern and I know, generally, what color.  That’s it, though.  I hardly think even I – the queen of rationalization – can consider that “started”.  Seems I’d need to have at least bought some yarn and own needles (or hooks. I can’t remember if it’s a crochet or knitting pattern.)  I think we need at least a few stitches done.  And let’s consider that I haven’t put yarn on a hook / needle for at least 30 years.  (Dang, that makes me feel old to type that!)

30. Sew a dress
31. Read 20 fiction books (10/20)
32. Make a Best of Julia dvd
33. Sing at a karaoke bar
34. Make an apron
35. Try 25 new recipes (5/25)

I need a separate post for the recipes – haven’t started that yet.  I can think of at least 5 I’ve done but have to go through them because I think I’m forgetting a few.

36. Watch 20 movies I’ve never heard of that are recommended by friends (3/20)
37. Grow some herbs
38. Make at least one thing with all those beads

Travel, Adventure and Outings (21)
39. Hike Zion Narrows

Trying to tack this onto the end of a conference in early June.  Hoping my niece can come with (since I’m not crazy enough to do it by myself).  Might ask a friend whose daughter lives out there, also, if he wants to come.  Am trying to pretend the idea of camping under the stars in mountain lion country doesn’t scare the heck outta me

40. Try kite surfing
41. Go to Kennedy Space Center
42. See a shuttle launch 11/16/09
43. Camping @ Bahia Honda SP

Don’t think I’ll pull this off now before it’s cool again.  NFW am I camping in FL heat.

44. Biking and geocaching in Jonathon Dickinson SP 02/15/10
45. Sleep under the stars. Preferably in the desert

This will presumably happen along with hiking Zion Narrows as we’re planning to do the hike as an overnight backpack trip.

46. Go skinny dipping in water that is not glacier fed (ahem, girls)

This could be marked off w/the Zion Narrows trip also.  Particularly since said niece is the inspiration for this item

47. Take the boys to an outdoor music festival
48. Go kayaking
49. Go to Cassadaga
50. Go back to Sedona

As above – hoping for September

51. Watch a sunrise on the beach with the boys 10/16/09
52. Find a local laser tag place and take the boys
53. Take DS1 to Washington DC
54. Log visits to 10 earthcaches w/boys (1/10)
55. Make and activate 5 currency series geocaches
56. Visit a cave with the boys

This will be part of the summer road trip to Canada if it happens

57. Go snorkeling with the boys (like, somewhere with great snorkeling, obviously.  Not just off Jupiter Beach)
58. Go with the boys to somewhere with snow in winter
59. Take a cruise w/DH

Health / Fitness (5)
60. Bike (or roller-blade) 1000 miles you would otherwise drive (128/1000)
61. Lose that last 7 lbs (1/7)
62. Try those yoga DVD’s (at least once) (1/2 <-I think)
63. Lower blood glucose #
64. Get a good bike – 11/30/09

Giving Back (9)
65. Donate blood 4 times (0/4)
65. Make Heather’s chocolate cake for school staff for no reason Feb 08, 2010
66. Pay it forward by helping a mom with twin babies
67. Inspire someone else to do a 101 in 1001 My niece did one, posted 12/7/09
68. Donate 101 cans of food to a shelter 11/12/09
69. Volunteer 101 hours (33.5/101)
70. Donate $5 of fun money for every item not completed.
71. Do the Reef Sweep / Beach Cleanup day as a family
72. Update school Amazon site 10/29/09

Family and Friends (7)
73. Meet 10 of my “pretend friends” in person for the first time (1/10)

Met my twin board friend “asilam” (and her adorable boys) in Daytona

74. Visit Mary Kaye or get her a ticket here

Again, if there’s a road trip, it will include an MK visit

75. Have a sleepover with MAM, CLC and JMS
76. Take a sushi-loving friend to lunch and let them attempt to convert me
77. Have a crawl with Kirbo + Capper and any other PNW-ers that can make it.
78. Send cards to 20 friends or family for no reason (2/20)
79. Play a complete game of Risk with DS1

This is turning into the longest game of Risk EVAH!

The Endless Pursuit of Organization (15)
80. Split health and education files 01/06/10
81. Finish dumping all home video tapes to drive

Need to make a trip to Radio Shack or somewhere for the right cable since I no longer use the ‘puter with the firewire card in it.  Then I will probably have to re-purchase my video editing software since I don’t think I kept the download file and it’s probably outdated by now.

82. Write a will
83. Get Canadian passports / IDs for me and the boys
84. Print photos of all DS’s creations and put in an album
85. Get pics in orange striped photo album
86. Organize recipes into binder
87. Get photo dump folder organized / purged
88. Get boys DVD’s organized into a binder and indexed 3/21/10
89. Get dumped video time-stamped and org’d by quarter
90. Get dumped video edited and burned onto DVDs
91. Purge and restock travel bins, 11/09/10
92. Purge and reorganize family room closet 01/09/10
93. Make that “what you’re gonna need to know if I’m dead” spreadsheet for DH
94. Organize / purge laundry room 01/30/10

Financial (4)
95. unspecified / personal (0/6)
96. Pay off short-term debt (3/100%)
97. Start construction on a pool (this comes after #55 obviously)
98. Track budget / spending every month (0/34)
Work (3)
99. Log 5000 calls (172/5000)

This appears to be having the desired effect as I’m much better at making a habit of logging my communications.  Not yet where I should be, though, in terms of habit.

100. Hit quarterly work hour targets on schedule spreadsheet (0/11)
101. Develop 4 new (to me) companies as clients (1/4)

Just closed a deal today with a new company.  Now, it’s not exactly a new client in that my contact there is an old client who came from another company.  However, since the task is to make 4 new companies clients (and the old one he left continues to be) I’m counting it.  Have active searches with 2 more new companies but I’m only counting ones that I am successful in making placements with.  Not really a client until they pay you.


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    • Well, I’m glad you think so. You know, I barely remember those days-I think I’ve blocked most of it out. I seem to recall that I was still feeling pretty train-wrecky myself on a daily basis back then when your boys were babies. I don’t think that subsided till they were well past two. This item on the list has to do with a promise I made to myself back then. During the first 6 months, my sister, SIL and step-MIL stayed with us for 7-10 days each (at separate times) to help. They almost certainly saved my life and maybe the boys, also. At the very least, they kept me sane. I decided then that when my life was back under my control (to a reasonable extent anyway) that I would, through a twins group or whatever, find a mom with twin babies who was in a similar situation. I’m thinking of DH working night shifts and leaving me @ 6:00 pm. to deal with the WORST part of the day…

      Still need to find the local twins groups

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