The last 24 hours


In 25 minutes start spaghetti cooking, clean up kitchen (in a half-assed way), shower, dress, fix 3 containers of spaghetti for the boys dinner between pickup and soccer, gather up soccer stuff, fix ice water cooler, gather book, phone, purse etc and run out the door… to a van with a flat tire.

The spare car is not running so I call the aftercare to let them know that, as of 5:15 I am 20 minutes away with no way to get the boys by 6 when they close.  The 4th friend I reach offers to get them and bring them home.  Boys arrive home cranky as all get out.  Mommy Standard Time goes into effect (this is where I move the clocks ahead by however much I need to advance bedtime for either my sake, their sake or everybody’s sake).

Spend the rest of the evening sitting with a certain first grader finishing work he opted, for reasons known only to him, not to do in class.  There is much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Some of it is even from him.

Spare gets put on the van, everyone gets to bed.  Kitchen does not get cleaned up and I don’t care.

1:00 a.m. #1 son wakes me up saying his stomach really hurts.  This is the same boy who is supposed to write his math FCAT in 7 hours.  I get up and go to get him Tums and he proceeds to throw up all over my bedroom floor.  Pause for a moment of thankfulness that I am a hater of carpet and, therefore, do not have any in my house.  Spend the next 4 hours, cleaning up puke, laying on the couch for 40 minute intervals in between getting up with the boy while he is sick, getting water.

7:54 a.m. give up on getting the little boys to school before FCAT lockdown due to a delayed departure while the boy proceeded to be sick some more.   Might as well go back home and make them read as let them sit in the school admin office for the 2.5 hours of test-writing.  In any case, one of them couldn’t go to school anyway because he got the cast shoe on his injured foot just fine but, inexplicably, got into the van and all the way to school without noticing there was no shoe on his other foot.

Back home, shoes on, gather up library books that are overdue – might was well make some use of the wait time since, clearly, I’m not going to get any work done.  Stop by library, drop boys  @ school, take the van to Costco to get the tire fixed / replaced (I do have to give a shout-out to their warranty here).

10:30 At Costco, yup, tire has a screw in it.  They will either fix or replace.  Leave Costco to wait for tire repair over @ Starbucks.   Time estimate is “two or more hours.  That is the highest estimate I’m allowed to give.”  Me: “so what you mean is more, right?” He smiles.  Good thing the book I put in the van to read @ soccer practice (that we didn’t go to) is still there.

12:30 Laptop battery is dead from entertaining the sick child who is tagging along with me.  Pause for a moment of thanks to Netflix for having movies on demand and ATT for making Starbucks a hotspot where I can connect free of charge.

1:00 Head back over to Costco to see how much longer.  Not long.  Go find some comfy display patio furniture to wait on because the boy feels worse than ever (but has, at least, stopped throwing up).

2:45 Leave Costco with 4 good tires.

3:00 Pickup boys and fulfill yesterdays donut bribe that was unfulfilled due to flat tire.  The sick boy will get his another time.  Drivethrough window then off to home.

3:20 pull into garage, DS2 gets out and says “Mommy, I hear air leaking.” I get out, listen, inspect tire and find… yup, a screw.  In the BRAND NEW tire.  The one I just waited almost 5 hours for.

3:22 Head explodes.


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