Breadcrumbs: seemed like a good idea at the time


I guess I have time to write a blog post while I wait…  Why am I waiting?  Because I’m deleting a directory.  158,000 files down and counting.

At some point between buying my laptop 3 years ago and recent memory I must’ve been spending some quality procrastination time on the “add-ons for firefox” site.  Breadcrumbs for browsing – like leaving a trail through the woods so you can find your way back to where you’ve been. When you have a memory as efficient as mine (which is to say, totally not) this seems like a brilliant idea.  And it’s “an add-on” so, you know, it doesn’t sound like any big deal.

Fast forward to today.  I can no longer ignore the red bar which indicates that my C drive is bursting at the seams.  So, I break down and get that file tool my DH suggested months ago when disk space was first becoming an issue and install it.  I’ve been totally perplexed by what could be using up all my hard drive space even if I did order a relatively small one since I don’t store anything much on it.  All byte-hogging things like pictures and music and video lives on external drives.  I’d managed to avoid dealing with it though as slogging through my C drive, folder by folder didn’t appeal much.

DH says use TreeSize Free.  So I do and it seems that it wasn’t worth procrastinating doing this all those months since it took approximately 4 minutes after the thing was done scanning to locate the breadcrumbs folder.  Currently at a size of 10GB.

That is more than 10% of my hard drive.  Ask me how many times I ever used the functionality of the breadcrumbs.

This purging of 100’s of thousands of files makes me thing about spring-cleaning my gmail account.  That seems a bit ambitious, though.


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