My next 101


this is a holding area post. I’m still working away on my 101 things in 1001 days and now and then I think of something to put on the next list. I need somewhere to write these down because making the first 101 list was hard and took forever. I expect the next one will be much harder (assuming I mark everything off of this one).

Of course, now that I’m thinking of starting this post for somewhere to put them, I can’t remember any of them. I might have to do some calculations on what ages my kids will be by the end of the next 1001 days to see if that visit to Petra that I’m now inspired to put on my To Do list is even feasible.

Update 3/28/12
Raise closet shelves – turns out the builder install these in such a way that this would be far, far more involved that it would be worth. So, the closet shelves will be staying just where they are.

Organize and purge bin with my greeting card stash

Home Dec
Paint inside of master bedroom door
Paint inside of french pocket doors
Paint WC in master bath

Get a composter and start using it

Friends and Family
Mail birthday cards to everyone in the family for one year (0/41)
I totally stole this off my niece’s list

Do scrapbook pages for Mom

Just for Me
Mine the ng archives for posts to keep and copy them to blog
Write a letter to myself to open in ten years

travel and adventure
Take the boys to an airshow

Climb a rock-climbing wall (stolen from SG)


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