Today’s gem of wisdom


Courtesy of DS1.  He had some birthday money just burning a hole in his pocket and disrupting his ability to sleep or concentrate on anything other than his choices for means by which to stimulate the economy.  (the shopping genes are dominat, apparently.)

So, we made a stop @ Best Buy this afternoon where, after much indecision and a few “discussions” with me about why he wasn’t buying this or that game with violence ratings (for the bazillionth time) he settled on Civilization IV.  He already likes SimCity 4 which is, apparently, similar but on a much smaller scale both in terms of space and time.  There was a man in the games aisle who plays many many hours of various computer games as he’s recovering from double knee surgery.  He totally sold DS1 on the coolness of it – I think the talk about getting science points for building observatories and the like was what put it over the top.

So, as we’re driving home DS3 asks “do you have battles in that game?” Mostly, I’m sure because I told him he couldn’t get any more sequels to Command and Conquer which is just really all about war strategy.  I suspect DS3 was trying to figure out if they just put one over on me by ending up with a game with battles anyway. (Go ahead and picture me rolling my eyes.)

DS1, in his infinite wisdom (and because he’s suddenly already an expert even though the game is not even installed yet) responds “Of course.  You can’t get a society from the Stone Age to the Space Age without winning a few battles.”

Maybe this game with have a stealth lesson about hypothetical peaceful societies.  Of course, what fun would that be?


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