He has a dream, as well


This week in school the boys were learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. (And be warned, that if you refer to him as Martin Luther King in front of DS1, you will get a disdainful “Junior” from him.)

DS3 had homework last night where he had to first write a sentence about what MLK’s dream was and then to write what their dream is and draw a picture of it, tell what people would do of their dream were reality and what he could do to make his dream come true.

I do hope I get this paper back so that it can go into the Mommy Archives.  Apparently, his dream is for chocolate (or choklit) to fall from the sky.  What would people do?  Well, eat it, of course.  And he could pursue his dream by getting a plane and dropping the chocolate.  Presumably, a raid of a Hershey’s factory somewhere along the way would also be required.

I wouldn’t put chocolate falling from the sky on par with say, equal rights and opportunity for all and peace and harmony between all the peoples of the earth.  It does sound sort of awesome, though, if possibly messy.  I mean, it gets hot here…


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