First quarterly (or thereabouts) update on the 101


this is mostly me talking to myself to keep my honest / on track with my 101.  Updating what is done / started and quite possibly rambling on to myself with random thoughts on miscellaneous list items.

Items Done: 14/101

Items Started but not completed: 13

Just For Me (10)

1. Re-pierce my ears October 11 and buy some earrings I really ❤ November 6

2. Get that next tattoo

I have the design picked out.  it’s probably going  just above my left wrist on the back of the arm would be a little cleaner version of this

3. Put readings, powerpoint etc. from Dad’s memorial on blog

We are approaching the 2nd anniversary of Dad’s death on the February 21.  I think it would be good to try to get this done before then.  My biggest issue was finding a way to embed the Powerpoint into the blog post with the music intact.  I really want it that way but realize I may have to settle for linking it somehow.  My inner geek really, really wants to find a way to make it work and is not good at accepting ideas like “it can’t be done”.

4. Totally blow off work one day and go to the beach. Alone. Feel no guilt

My birthday is on a Friday this year.  Depending on the weather this might be the date for this.  Of course, I don’t need a perfect beach day (or what is typically thought of as a beach day) since I am not all about swimming in the ocean when I go.  More about listening to the sound of eternity in the surf and doing as little as possible.  A cool, even blustery day would work for that as well.  The “feel no guilt” part is totally doable for me – especially if it is a Friday when no one answers their phones anyway and it’s my b’day.

5. Do a past life regression

I like to think this would be cool to do in Sedona or Cassadega.  No clue when I’m getting to either of those places.

6. Get makeup professionally done 10/31

7. Go Bejeweled Blitz-free for 30 days November 06

8. Go unplugged 1 day / month (4/34)

So far, so good

9. Get that hot stone massage 3 times (0/3)

10. Sign up for and take a class offered at SRHS

I’m thinking photography although I might do beading also (see #38).  I’d love to do photography but probably shouldn’t unless I’ve got a boatload of spending money handy since it will almost certainly make me lust for a new and awesome cameraAnd the number of (lower-end) cameras we already have in this household borders on embarrassing.

Home Dec (12) this section is not seeing much action unfortunately.  And this is stuff I really enjoy – just haven’t found the time.

11. Paint laundry room

12. Window treatment in front room

13. Shower curtain in boys bath

14. Window treatments in my bath

15. Get boys @ beach painting done

I have someone I want to do this for me.  When it will happen, though, is anyone’s guess.  I totally can picture it right in the big space between the two windows and over the bed in my room, though.

16. Finish painting boys room

17. Get curtains and make valances for bedroom

18. Repaint the blue in bedroom

19. Get new coffee tables in FR

20. Get new bedroom furniture

21. Paint master hall closet doors

22. Stencil border in master bedroom

Hobbies / Leisure (16)

23. Make the boys pillows January 3

24. Write a new poem

25. Redo music swap CD and mail out January 24

I am marking this done in the future, yes.  This has been almost ready to mail out for months but just before I did, I realized that a few of them did not burn right.  But I’m marking it for Sunday because I am determined this is going to get done this weekend.  Even if nothing else does.

26. Rip the rest of my CD’s

27. Do Postcard Crossing with the boys, 45 postcards (0/45)

Well, I signed up for an account.  Bought some postcards to send when I was in Orlando in October.  That’s a start.  Haven’t even talked to the boys about it yet, though, which is sort of when I will consider this started.  Or maybe once we’ve actually sent one.

28. Create custom google travel map

29. Crochet or knit an afghan

Picked a pattern.  That’s as far as this has gotten. Had some wicked cold weather when it occurred to me that it would’ve been great if I’d done this already.

30. Sew a dress

31. Read 20 fiction books (6/20)

this gets it’s own “post in progress”

32. Make a Best of Julia dvd

33. Sing at a karaoke bar

Well, my local girls have found that one of our favorite bars has karaoke on Thursday nights and we’re all up for making it out one time soon.  That’s as far as we’ve gotten so far.  I do, however, practice loudly and daily while driving.  🙂

34. Make an apron

I’m sure I have many friends that might inadvertently spit their diet coke out when reading this (yeah, Caron, I am specifically thinking of you) since aprons and me wouldn’t ordinarily be thought of together.  However, first, I do have that whole fabric buying habit so it’s good to have an actual reason to do so now and then.  Second, I have a friend that lives in my ‘puter who put up some pics of some aprons she made and they are actually cool looking.  As in, “these are not your mother’s aprons” (Mom, I’m not dissing your aprons.  They’re fine.  It’s just a saying).  Also, while I’m the equivalent of an illegal alien in the kitchen, I do have to venture in there once in awhile.  I think it’d be good if, in those desparate times I were less likely to ruin / stain whatever I am wearing.  So, apron sewing it is.  There may or may not be pics of the finished product – depends how it all works out.

35. Try 25 new recipes (1/25)

I think I will give this it’s own post, also.  With recipes and reviews.  But it won’t be tonight.  I know I did several new ones at Christmas – I’ll just have to try to remember which ones and find them again.   That should probably be 5 or 6 / 25 but that’ll have to wait for now.

36. Watch 20 movies I’ve never heard of that are recommended by friends (3/20)

This also has it’s own “post in progress”

37. Grow some herbs

Well, let’s see.  I bought a couple basil plants at Thanksgiving for one of those new recipes and totally intended to get more whatever-I-need to start some other herbs and get them all planted in a container.  So far, I’ve still just got two basil plants that aren’t looking too good and still in the container they came home from the store in.  I might note, here, that my thumb is very nearly black.  I must’ve felt the need to prove something when I put this on the list.

38. Make at least one thing with all those beads

Heavy on the ideas here.  Not so much on any implementation yet, though.  If you catch me buying more beads before this status changes, please try to stop me.

Travel, Adventure and Outings (21)

39. Hike Zion Narrows

The plan (hope?) is to be able to do this next May/June.  Those months are filling up with stuff, though so… also my partners in crime for this adventure are my 20-something nieces who have lots of stuff and world travel going on in their lives at this stage so it’s anyone’s guess how it will work out.  My planning on the timing is mainly focused on the time of year with water that is least freezing (you hike through the river in some parts) and when flash floods are least likely. Information on the hike and some awesome pics are here

40. Try kite surfing

41. Go to Kennedy Space Center

42. See a shuttle launch November 16

This was great fun!  My sister and niece and great nephew were down for a visit from Canada.  We had a beautiful day (well, it was hot but it’s Florida.  What’re you gonna do?  The boys tolerated the wait and the crowd pretty well.  We ended up with a clear view to the launch pad (from ~ 13 miles away).  My favorite part was the boys talking about how the exhaust trail looked like a giant string of popcorn hanging down from the sky.  It truly was a spectacular sight to see and was well worth the drive and taking the boys out of school.

43. Camping @ Bahia Honda SP

No plan yet other than sometime when it is not blazingly hot. I did think I’d get that monstah tent out of the attic and have a “campout in the yard” night or two.  Ostensibly for the fun of it but, really, my ulterior motive would be to determine whether or not I can get it setup in a reasonably sturdy fashion without the assistance of the Camping Queen niece.  It was only used once, 3 years ago this summer and she was the resident expert.  I feel the need to know whether or not I can do this on my own *before* I find myself in the moment.  See, I have learned a few things in my old age (and from doing it the hard / wrong way).  I’m pretty sure I’m on my own with this one.  Mentions of this plan have garnered reactions from DH that are underwhelming, to say the least.   Oh, and it also occurs to me that I’m gonna need more air mattresses.  Sleeping on the ground ain’t happening.

44. Biking and geocaching in Jonathon Dickinson SP

Might even do this this weekend.  Maybe I should make it done to force myself to work it in.

45. Sleep under the stars. Preferably in the desert.

Well, if / when that Zion Narrows trip happens, it would include sleeping under the stars.  A big factor here is snakes.  Or more, specifically, a lack of them.  that is my very very strong preference.  I’m trying to ignore for the moment that I do realize Zion almost certainly has snakes.

46. Go skinny dipping in water that is not glacier fed (ahem, girls)

47. Take the boys to an outdoor music festival

48. Go kayaking

49. Go to Cassadaga

50. Go back to Sedona

51. Watch a sunrise on the beach with the boys October 16

52. Find a local laser tag place and take the boys

53. Take DS1 to Washington DC

54. Log visits to 10 earthcaches w/boys (1/10)

This also has it’s own “post in progress”

55. Make and activate 5 currency series geocaches

56. Visit a cave with the boys

57. Go snorkeling with the boys (like, somewhere with great snorkeling, obviously.  Not just off Jupiter Beach)

58. Go with the boys to somewhere with snow in winter

59. Take a cruise w/DH

Health / Fitness (5)

60. Bike (or roller-blade) 1000 miles you would otherwise drive (64/1000)

61. Lose that last 7 lbs (0/7)

Well, I’ve lost a couple of them several times already, but for now, this can’t be considered started since I’m back where I started with 7 to go. I suspect there will be a correlation with the completion of this one and the completion of the previous one.  One would hope, anyway.

62. Try those yoga DVD’s (at least once) (1/2)

Started doing the easier one (since I’ve never done yoga before).  I really quite love it and am doing it everyday now.  The other one is a bit more advanced so I’ll likely do a few more weeks on this one then start alternating.  I hadn’t anticipated getting into it when I put it on the list, actually.  It was just that I’d put these on my requisite Christmas list at least 4 years ago.  Got them as gifts and then never even took them out of the shrink wrap till last week.  It was more about ending the complete disuse of something I had specifically requested.  Enjoying it and sticking with it is just a pleasant fallout effect.

63. Lower blood glucose #

64. Get a good bike – November 30,2009

Giving Back (9)

65. Donate blood 4 times (0/4)

The local fire station by the boys school was doing a drive in January for a girl in the community with leukemia.  I went to donate but it went badly.  My previous attempt several years ago also went badly.  I’m going to give it one more go after making sure I’m well hydrated etc.  If it still doesn’t go well (my blood just stops flowing in mid-collection.  From there I start experiencing very unpleasant physical symptoms), I’m going to give up on it.

65. Make Heather’s chocolate cake for school staff for no reason

Plan to do this sometime around Valentine’s day.

66. Pay it forward by helping a mom with twin babies

67. Inspire someone else to do a 101 in 1001 My niece did one, posted December 7

68. Donate 101 cans of food to a shelter (67/101) November 12

69. Volunteer 101 hours (26.5/101)

70. Donate $5 of fun money for every item not completed.

71. Do the Reef Sweep / Beach Cleanup day as a family

72. Update school Amazon site October 29, 2009

Family and Friends (7)

73. Meet 10 of my “pretend friends” in person for the first time (0/10)

74. Visit Mary Kaye or get her a ticket here

75. Have a sleepover with MAM, CLC and JMS

76. Take a sushi-loving friend to lunch and let them attempt to convert me

77. Have a crawl with Kirbo + Capper and any other PNW-ers that can make it.

78. Send cards to 20 friends or family for no reason (1/20)

79. Play a complete game of Risk with DS1

This is a bit embarrassing.  DS1 and I have had the same game in progress since before Thanksgiving or right around there.  He’s less enthusiastic about playing it since I’ve started to dominate the board.  Really must finish this game soon.

The Endless Pursuit of Organization (15)

80. Split health and education files January 06

81. Finish dumping all home video tapes to drive

82. Write a will

83. Get Canadian passports / IDs for me and the boys

84. Print photos of all DS’s creations and put in an album

85. Get pics in orange striped photo album

86. Organize recipes into binder

87. Get photo dump folder organized / purged

88. Get boys DVD’s organized into a binder and indexed

89. Get dumped video time-stamped and org’d by quarter

90. Get dumped video edited and burned onto DVDs

91. Purge and restock travel bins, November 09

92. Purge and reorganize family room closet

Damn good thing I did this when I did.  Last weekend we had the boys’ birthday party.  I was not quite ready with all the game when everyone had arrived so I had some moms and dads working at blowing up some balloons and tying on ribbon.  They ran out and I was not to be found so one of the moms who is a good enough friend of mine to be comfortable doing so, opened this closet to find some.  The other moms were all horrified that she would do that but, lo and behold, it was beautiful and organized.  They were all so very impressed.  I was very relieved I’d decided to make it a priority to just get this done the week before since, otherwise, it would’ve been a terrible site to see!  I think it’s funny that these women that only know me peripherally now think I’m all about organization and neatness.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

93. Make that “what you’re gonna need to know if I’m dead” spreadsheet for DH

94. Organize / purge laundry room

This is mostly done but I can’t really mark it off since there are a couple bins of stuff to sort out yet.  It looks tons better now.  If I just painted it we’d be golden.

Financial (4)

95. unspecified / personal (0/6)

96. Pay off short-term debt (3/100%)

97. Start construction on a pool (this comes after #55 obviously)

98. Track budget / spending every month (0/34)

I have totally dropped the ball here.  However, since I am doing this list to help myself achieve objectives, I will leave this open and consider it done if/when I get it caught up (as compared to doing it on a timely basis for each month which was my original intent).

Work (3)

99. Log 5000 calls (0/5000)

Well, this is utterly embarrassing but I’ll put it out there in hopes that it inspires me to not embarrass myself further.  Just to clarify, that very low number is more a reflection of a lack of recording calls than of not making them. Although, to be sure, with holidays and out of town company and life, in general, distracting me there were almost certainly a less than ideal # of calls actually made.  It *was* well more than 88 though.  This item, though, is really about habits – specifically making a habit of logging my calls.  Apparently, I wish to prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

100. Hit quarterly work hour targets on schedule spreadsheet (0/11)

Not on track here, really, but catching up is totally possible.

101. Develop 4 new (to me) companies as clients (0/4)


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