I think we know where all the Canadian blood went


Today we have not even approached 70 degrees indoors or out.  Now, my peeps up north do not appreciate the Florida interpretation whereby < 70 degrees as a high = cold.

DS1 appears to be getting a clue about this sort of thing as he approaches the ripe old age of 10.  He spontaneously dressed in long pants – warm ones, lined with jersey knit – and a long sleeved shirt today.  When he realized he was still cold he went back and put a tshirt on underneath.  This indicates 2 things to me. First, remarkable progress in that he didn’t need to first freeze, complain of freezing to me, refuse when I suggest he dress warmer on the grounds of anything more than tshirt / shorts not being comfortable (rinse, lather, repeat).  It also indicates that he failed to inherit any of my Canadian blood since all this dressing, layering and further wrapping up in a blanket to play computer games was brought on by indoor temps of 64 degrees.  He also contends that it is too cold to play outside at about the same temps.

DS3 has not progressed quite as much but still did OK.  He got up, put on a tank top and shorts.  Realized after about 2o minutes that this was not appropriate dress for today and asked me where the warm clothes were which he promptly went and changed into with socks for extra warmth (they all will only wear socks under duress).

DS2, on the other hand, put on his tshirt and shorts as always with no socks.  He has repeatedly proclaimed that he is not cold.  And actually does not appear to be feeling the cold.  He did, however, just say “Is there any warm air conditioning?  I’m just sayin, I’m not cold… I’m just saying” which kind of amused me.  He was also more than happy to partake in the warming hot chocolate “even though I don’t need to warm up”.

Just now the other two are cheering when DH mentions that he’s about ready to turn on the “warm air conditioning”.  DS2, OTOH, just wandered off outside to ride his bike.  Still barefoot in tshirt and shorts.

Given that I, born and raised in Canada, am also sitting here in all my warm layers with my supah warm n.a.p. blanket around me (the big one) and fuzzy socks (and have been most of the day) I can only assume that not only did the boy get his and both his brothers’ shares of the Canadian blood, apparently I donated mine to him, also.  Of course, the case could easily be made that I lost mine years ago in a necessary evolution which enabled me to get through a Florida summer without dying.

ETA: He just came in and said “It’s cold out there.  I’m not saying *I’m cold* I’m just saying that it’s cold out there.”  It’s entirely possible he is actually cold but in denial as the prospect of wearing clothing that touches him below the elbows or knees is, to him, a much greater evil.


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