Vocabulary in action


Earlier this week I was helping DS1 with his vocabulary homework.  I happened to notice that this week’s list included the words “loathe” and “despise”.  I probably only noticed this because “hate loathe and despise” (or HLD for my acronym peeps) is one of my go to emphatic phrases.

A couple of days later I am giving the boys snacks before bed.  DS3 has blueberries and DS2 is eating some yogurt.  I ask him if he wants blueberries also.   DS2 says “No, I ha-… um, I mean I don’t really like blueberries”.  I give him a little look.  He says “well, I *was* going to say I hate them but I thought it wasn’t a nice word so I just said I don’t like them.”

DS1 (sitting at the table doing more  homework) chimes in “you know, [DS2], you could have just said you loathe them.  Or you could say you despise them”.

He cracks me up sometimes.  He’s totally serious when he says this stuff too.  One time when he was in 2nd grade, they happened to have just covered idioms when I was trying to get dinner. They were all underfoot and I told them (in probably a less than pleasant voice) to get out of the kitchen or I was going to go through the roof.  DS3 had a little confused look in his face so DS1 says “[DS3], that’s an idiom.  Mommy isn’t actually going to go through the roof”.


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