Earthcaches are a special kind of geocache (see for more info).  From the site

An EarthCache site is a special place that people can visit to learn about a unique geoscience feature or aspect of our Earth. Visitors to EarthCache sites can see how our planet has been shaped by geological processes, how we manage the resources and how scientists gather evidence to learn about the Earth.

Earthcaches Visited (1/10)

1. Blowing Rocks, The Anastasia Formation EarthCache

Its rocky Anastasia limestone shoreline is the largest on the Atlantic coast. During extreme high tides and after winter storms, seas break against the rocks and force plumes of saltwater up to 50 feet skyward, an impressive sight for which the preserve was named.

Today we visited our first earthcache.  The water was a little wild, the boys had a great time on the rocks.  The blow hole activity was pretty minor though but it was enough to give the boys a sense of what it would do with rougher seas.  There are all kinds of shells embedded in the rock.  I think that coquina is the coolest thing.

I was not planning to go swimming but ended up soaked in my tshirt, shorts and hat when DS1 decided to go walking in the wild surf with his flippies on.  Not just any flippies but these ones we just got from Lands End that they all just <3.  Apparently, the roar of the waves prevented him from hearing me say to leave them up on the beach or they’d get washed away.  Which, of course, happened immediately.  So I braved the wicked undertow and waves slamming the rocks to try to retrieve it (since, of course, this had to happen 10 minutes after LE is all sold out of them for the season).  I didn’t get the flippy.  I’d guess it is halfway to the Bahamas by now.  I did however get totally soaked in my clothes and hat and really enjoyed changing into whatever soccer shirt was laying around in the van and then driving home in that and my underwear.  Trust, when you are driving in your underwear, you pay strict attention to speed limits and your adherence to them.

Anyway, this blowing rocks place totally warrants another visit.  There’s beach a little way up that would be better for swimming – the water is way too wild in the rocky areas.  We will probably go back after winter storms when, hopefully, the water will really be blowing up through the holes.  There are also some nice trails through the sea grapes etc. at the preserve.

I will try to remember to keep a change of clothes for myself in the van at all times, though, from now on.  I used to when the boys were much littler.  I thought they’d outgrown the need for me to do that.  Apparently, not.

I’ll post pics here at some point hopefully not too far in the future.


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