Movies you love?


One of the items on my 101 things list is to watch a specified # of movies that are a) highly recommended by friends, b) I haven’t already seen and c) that were not already on my “I should watch that someday”.

So, help me out peeps! what movies had the most impact on you for whatever reason? And don’t worry about what I like – I like almost anything if it’s good. Oh, wait… no horror. well, you can suggest it but it won’t make my cut. 😉 Please put in a comment with movies you highly recommend. If you can expand on what’s so great about it, that’s good to but optional.

Oh, and don’t worry that I’ve already seen it. Compared to your average adult in this country, I’ve watched almost nothing. For instance, I have not watched the titanic – a movie “everyone has seen”.


Watched for the 101 project
1. Unforgiven – hmm. I want to have like this but I didn’t especially. It reminds me of No Country for Old Men. Kind of a meandering story line that’s good enough drama but really doesn’t go anywhere. It did make me want to visit Wyoming, however, so that must be kind of a feat in itself. Of course, it was probably not actually filmed in WY.

2. 12 Monkeys Loved this movie!  I little bizarre in the beginning but then it got going.  this is exactly the sort of movie I was looking for in soliciting suggestions.  It is extremely unlikely that I would have otherwise watched this but it’s the sort of flick that bumps around in your head for a good week after – perfect!  It was an original story idea, IMO, and the plot was not predictable.  I would totally recommend it but realize not everyone is going to love it.  Actually, when I watched it I was spending an evening in bed with some weird vertigo thing.  DH came by and asked what I was watching.  When I told him he said he’d actually started watching it and gave up because it was too weird / all over the place or whatever.  It didn’t get him at all, apparently.  I suspect this is one you either love or hate.

3. It Happened One Night This was just OK for me.  I’m reaching the conclusion that old movies are just not my thing so much.  It’s a cute story and all but the acting style etc in these old movies is just a bit cheesy to me.  I’ll probably sample one or two more oldies off the list and see if I like any of them any better.

4. Being John Malkovich – Good one. Very different story.
5. Dead Again – Generally, I like past life theme stories. And I did like this movie but I kind of feel like this story could have been done much better. I think the ending was a bit cookie-cutter Hollywood-ish and some of the scenes / acting were a bit cheesy. The story had a lot more potential, I think.

6. Awakenings – Loved this moving.  Very compelling story which was very well-done.  I found it a bit emotionally exhausting <- a good thing in a movie.

7. Daniel Tosh Completely Serious This is actually a live stand-up routine.  But it was rec’d by a friend who thought this was “my kind of humor” so I threw it into the mix.  It was very funny and much of it was in a way that was funny for what was not said, so to speak.  Intelligent comedy but definitely not for everyone.  I have to say, though, that there was more than enough of it that I felt was just too mean-spirited.  I love stand-up but there is too often an element of it that, IMO, is just gratuitously mean.  I prefer stand-up that succeeds in being hilarious without resorting to meanness and mean-spirited stereotyping.  While much of it did make me laugh, I don’t see myself going to his show were he in town.

8. Better Than Chocolate – very cute movie.  Did a good job of being genuine in a lot of ways.  Cast was great.  Some very funny bits.

9. Good Will Hunting –


Better Than Chocolate
Best Years of our Lives
Harold and Maude
The American President
Edward Scissorhands
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
In the Heat of the Night
Legends of the Fall (might have already seen this)
Life is Beautiful
Monty Python’s Meaning of Life
My Life
Pride and Prejudice
Princess Bride
Rear Window
Run Lola Run
Running on Empty
Singin’ in the Rain
Stand and Deliver
The Evening Star
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
Finding Neverland
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (only because I love Capper. I do not normally care for martial arts films. And I’ll totally turn it off in the middle if I hate it)

Maybe Watchlist
Chariots of Fire
Fight Club
His Girl Friday
Le notti di Cabiria
Legally Blonde
Lion in Winter
Moon over Miami
Sunset Blvd
The Mummy
The Philadelphia Story
Waking Ned Devine

Movies that were suggested that were already on my want to watch list
A River Runs Through It
Dead Poets Society
Girl, Interrupted
Good Will Hunting
The Green Mile
Into the Wild


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  1. Ok for starters some of the movies on your list to see are in my opinion terrible. To each there own, good luck.

    i would recommend adding to it Stay with Ryan Gosling and Ewan McGregor.

    • Well, we’ll see – I made the list by taking all (hundreds) of suggestions and reading the Netflix description to see if it sounded interesting. Some I’m including because they are a departure from what I would normally watch – trying my horizons and alla that.

      I am certain I will hate some of these movies but I have no idea which ones. You can tell me after which ones you think are terrible – I don’t want to know beforehand to influence my opinion.

      I looked up the Netflix desc of the one you mentioned – Stay. I will add it and watch it. It is probably not something I’d normally go for (and netflix thinks I’d give it a 2.5 based on my other ratings but Netflix isn’t always right about how much I will like a movie). I have really not been working on the movies at all.

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