et tu, Jiggy?


By way of background, I’m having an ongoing aging crisis.  DH is 7 years older than me yet he loves to torment me with little aging cracks.  Which is, of course, wrong but since he doesn’t care about getting older and is all good with it, I don’t really have any recourse.

So, anyway… I’m used to this sort of thing from him.  But this afternoon, I’m helping DS2 with his homework.  He’s reading and I’m pointing to the words.  He stops right in the middle of the sentence, looks at my hand and doesn’t say anything for a few seconds.  Then he switches his pencil to the other hand so he can reach over and poke at the veins that stick out of the back of my hand.  OK, weird but whatever.  THEN he says “oh my gosh, you really are getting old”.

I may or may not have resisted the urge to just pop him one.  :-S

For the record, I am pretty sure that the back of my hands have always looked more or less as they do now.  At least in terms of the veins that pop out.  Even way back when, when this little smart-mouthed pipsqueak wasn’t even on the agenda.

I might have a talk with DH about his role-modeling.


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  1. OK — how could I, your DF, NOT comment here. I’ll back you — you and I have ALways had the veiny hands….even when I met you (it’s weird — I remember feet and hands…so you can take that to the bank). But I must say, you need to find something to aggravate DH since this is, as you pointed out, CLEARly a case of the role-modeling, and must be equaled. I know you have it in you….;-)

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