Today’s shopping miracle


is brought to you by Marshalls and Franco Sarto and the colors black and white.

Back in the spring, I bought these super cute shoes @ Marshalls.  I took them home and grew to love them more and more even while realizing I wouldn’t wear them much unless I had some white capris to go with this cute black and white top I have (have never worn it, either).  So I spend a couple weeks buying, trying on and returning approximately 900 white capris in an effort to find a reason to keep these shoes.  The fact that the shoes were not just cute but also very comfy and with a heel that was actually, um… age-appropriate, let’s say.

Sadly, white pants / shorts / capris / etc and me are not really on speaking terms in this lifetime.   In the end I let my inner grownup win and returned the shoes.  It might’ve turned out differently had they even been on sale but I’d actually paid more for them than I generally pay for shoes, too.  I thought that was the end of my love affair with the cute black and white shoes.

Fast forward to this morning.  But first, to grasp the miraculous nature of this morning’s event, it’s important to know that I wear size 7.5 – most common shoe size of all, I’m sure. Which is to say, the cute shoes almost never make it to the clearance rack in my size.   Today I had to go make an eye appointment in the strip mall where Marshalls is. Having endured one more 7:10 a.m. “iiitt’s nooooot comfortaaaable” hissy fit this week than my sanity is really equipped to withstand, I decided to run in and find some new socks for DS2 (what *is* it with boys and socks anyway??).

Naturally, with the shoe clearance section right by the doors at Marshalls it was inevitable that I was going to do a quick browse-through detour on my way to socks.  Anyway, I had to stop by and say hello to my “we could’ve been so good together” Michael Kors shoes.  Maybe try them on yet again to reconfirm that under no circumstances – short of a desire to cripple myself – should I ever wear them regardless of the fact that they are truly a thing of beauty.  (There may or may not have been some jeans shopping on the way to the boys section also but there were no miracles in the jeans section – even the shopping gods cannot pull that off 😦 )

Lo and behold, there are my returned shoes.  Gone from the store for months already, here is one single pair on the whole clearance rack and it’s size 7.5.  I flip it over and there is a clearance sticker on it.   $15   I’m pretty sure my last pair of flip-flops cost more than that.  Now, I was not planning to buy any shoes today.  I really wasn’t.  And it is still true that I will hardly ever wear these shoes – although I have managed to find a pair of white capris that I do not hate (and which do not appear to hate me) in the meantime.  But I think we can all agree that the shopping gods obviously wanted me to have these shoes. Far be it from me to risk angering the shopping gods by leaving cute shoes at an incredible bargain price on the shelf.


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