My little geek child


Every night DH or I sit in the chair in the boys room after the lights go out for about 15 minutes while we play audiobooks on the CD player (or music if they fail to settle down to the stories).

Mostly, we play from the collection of Robert Munsch stories as they are favorites.  (the I’ll Love you Forever author.  the rest of his stuff is quite funny and downloadable @  Just now, there’s a story playing called “Pigs”.  There’s some line in it about “Megan  knew she was in bad trouble”.

I’m sitting here w/my laptop as I’ve got a little project thing I’m trying to finish but I heard the story with one ear.  Then I hear geek-child – aka DS1 – saying in a quiet but audible voice “OK.  that is worded badly”.  I don’t say anything.   He says “for Real. That is worded really badly”.

I’m so proud.   I birthed a grammar geek.  Normal children listen to the story, this one critiques it.  I hear 4th grade is big on writing.  Lucky for him, he’ll have plenty of opportunity to show us all how it should be done.


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