I swear I didn’t tell him to write that…


One of the unending sources of amusement to me is the written work that comes home from school with the boys.  I don’t suppose it is, in actuality, any funnier than any crop of stuff written by elementary school kids.  I think I am more amused by my own kids stuff because I’m still rather amazed that those babies are doing this stuff now.

And when I say “boys”, the truth is the kindy stuff is mostly amusing because of their attempts to figure out how to write stuff rather than due to the content – once I decipher it.  This is about content of the 3rd grader’s essay that came home last week.

The premise was “My Alter-Ego Essay” which I won’t duplicate here in full.  The part that I found amusing – and which I think I’ll keep for future use 😉 – is the first line of the last paragraph.

As a scientist, I enjoy my work and get paid very highly.  I keep a little of the money for myself and give the rest to my parents.  They give some to my little brothers, also.

Nice to know he’s planning to support the whole family.  Perhaps that retirement plan is looking a little better than I thought it was.  I’ll have to keep this handy for when he’s getting that big fat paycheck.


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