Words to live by, my son


I’m trying to get some work done while the boys are on spring break.  This results in more than the usual amount of computer games being played.  Which is not so great, in theory, but overhearing their conversations *is* quite amusing.

DS2 is playing some mission-oriented game, I presume.  DS1 and DS3 are collaborating on making a plan.  There are “supplies” and “health” involved (i.e. you ahve to plan for replenishing them.  Then we get to strategy and DS2 is “well, how do I get more strategy?”  DS1 “strategy isn’t something you get, you have to make your own”.  DS2 “well, how do I do that?”

DS1 goes on to explain that a strategy is your plan for how you’re going to accomplish what you’re trying to do so you can’t just get one, you have to make it up.  Then he says, very matter-of-factly “and when it’s not working after a long time, then you need to get a new one“.  Such wisdom from a 9 year old.  Apparently, in Mars Mission (I checked, that is what they are playing) it works a lot like in life.


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