I’m pretty sure the smartass gene


is dominant.

As I may have mentioned (12 or 20 times) my kids are rather picky about food.  I’m trying to actively combat that so that we can move beyond having Green Eggs and Ham type discussions 14 times / week (x 3 kids).  Part of my strategy involves variety in hopes of expanding their “Acceptable Foods” menu.

My tough part of this is that my kids possess this amazing gift which allows all of them to take one look at food and know whether or not they will like it.  DS3 demonstrated this tonight.  But, to his credit, rather than engaging in the same tired old “Green Eggs and Ham” conversation he let his inner smartass deal with it.

I set his place down in front of him (roast beef and potatoes w/gravy with a little sweet potato just so I can pretend they eat vegetables).

He takes one look and says “yes, 911? Can I get a pizza?”


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