Fun with phonics


DS2’s homework for the week is practicing blends.  So we’re working on them laying on my bed so as to avoid distraction for him or being distracting to the big son working at the table.  (This is necessary as DS1 would much, much rather be the teacher helping his brothers with their homework than do his own.)

For each blend, he looks at it, sounds it out, gives me a word that uses it and then I give him some hints to come up with some more words that use it.   In each case, he gets the word I’m going for.

We get to “sw”.  He sounds it out then says “sw, sw, swirl”.

ME: “what do you do with a broom?”

DS2: “sweep”

Me: “and if you add sugar to something it makes it … ”

He gives me the eye-twinkling cheesy grin and yells out “TASTY!” and bursts out laughing.


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