Amusing juxtasposition


I was waiting on hold for a few minutes so, as  I frequently do when on hold, at red lights, etc. I push a few buttons on my phone and see what my peeps on Facebook are up to.  Not infrequently, I find the juxtasposition of the various status updates to be amusing.  Like sometimes 3 friends in a row in 3 different countries / time zones make reference to needing coffee.

For the non-addicted among us, the status updates are just one-liners people post randomly about what they are doing /thinking/thinking of doing etc.

So, anyway, just now I took a quick look.  A friend in the UK writes that she is “blimmin’ freezing” (Aside “blimmin’ is a new one on me and amusing).  The next friend is local and she write that she is “opening the windows”.

It’s a good day to be in FL vs. the UK.  You won’t see me say that in August, though.


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