I know what m.p. means


That means it’s night.

That is what DS3 just told DS1.  Who, of course, promptly corrected him.

And while I’m thinking of funny things he says, at school they routinely use the alcohol gel hand sanitizers before snack and things.  I don’t know if he got this from his teacher or if he made it up himself from “hand sanitizer” but he calls it “hanitizer”.

Last night he says “you know, one time in preschool I got 101” (as a mark on a test… not sure what that is about because as far as I know they never got marked like that in preschool although they did do developmental type testing.  Anyway, I told him that’s because he’s such a little smartie and he always works hard and does his best.  He replies “so do you think that when I’m big I’ll be smart enough to be the boss?” Me: the boss of what?  He gets a blank look, stares at me for a second and gives me an “I dunno” gesture with the little head shaking thing he does and says ‘you know, the boss of whatever I grow up to be”.

Last I heard he’d been vacillating between fireman and policeman.


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