Million dollar giggles


The boys were just getting ready to go to sleep when I got home tonight. I walk in and see DH sitting on the bed with DS2 in his lap and DS1 and DS3 on each side. They are reading a train book and DS2 yells out with enthusiasm as only he can “Guess what, mommy? I spelled uphill for Daddy.” He’s been having some trouble with the whole kindergarten thing so he’s quite chuffed with himself. The sight of my 4 handsome men in that setting was just priceless, for sure. Definitely a “life is really good” moment.

Then, since I’d been gone all evening I offered to do the chair-sitting till they got settled. (Really, I just wanted DH to go eat the cake that the hosts of the volunteering event I was at foisted on me. If he doesn’t, I will and I’m reasonably sure it’ll look better on him than me.) Earlier this morning, I’d gotten around to a project I’d been promising DS1 I’d do for quite a few days – burning CD’s of the Robert Munsch stories (available for free download).

So, lights out, I’m in the chair, they are in their beds (they all share a room since no one wants to move into their own room). I put on one of the CDs to listen to a few stories before they fell asleep. Well, Robert Munsch stories are wonderfully silly and fun (and a big TY to my sister or I would never have known about him other than “I’ll Love You Forever” which I can’t even read without ending up in a blubbering heap). So, they are settling, in bed and listening. There were two stories, in particular, of the ones we listened to this evening that just got them cracking up, though: Up Up Down and Something Good. So, I’m sitting there in the dark listening to the stories, which are funny, but listening to the three of them giggling hysterically was even funnier. It was definitely one of those million dollar moments that offset the “my head is going to explode in a second if they don’t stop < fill in the blank >”.


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