“Kids these days”


In my local yahoogroups-based mom’s group, we’d had a (tongue-in-cheek) discussion about how, if the telemarketers and spammers are to be believed, I must the luckiest person on the planet since several times a week I win fabulous prizes and large sums of money in draws and lotteries which I’ve never even heard of, much less entered.  Then I get another one of these emails claiming I won another meeeelllion dollars.  Even more remarkably, this was for the 2010 FIFA world cup or some such nonsense.  So, turns out I’m so incredibly lucky, I even win lotteries in the future.  The bottom line in the email was “just reply with all your personal information so we can send you a big fat check”.

I mocked this ploy again in email to the mom’s group.  Here’s a reply that made me laugh.

Just makes me lose all regard for these id thieves when they’ve gotten so lazy they’re not even willing to dig through the trash like the stand-up thieves of the past. This next generation is just getting lazy!!


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